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05-02-2007, 21:38
Hi all
Has anyone any experience of of camping in the area of Roses in the north of the Costa Brava.
We'll be travelling down in two vans and were hoping to spend a couple of days there.
I understand that there is an Aquapark there which would keep our friend's children occupied for a day or two while there is supposed to be a very interesting old town to keep my better half and myself out of trouble.

05-02-2007, 21:49
Out of season we have stayed in a number of spots. South of Roses off the C260
We also stayed south of St Pere Pescador on some no through roads.

roland rat
06-02-2007, 15:53
the bay of roses is a lovely area we have stayed on Aquarius camp site whilst there and if you want some lively entertainment venture into Emphebrava, it is like a little Venice with boats everywhere. There are loads of places to wild camp but as you are aware, you take your chances, there are numerous campsites in the area and you will be spoilt for choice. You wont find a better site though than Aquarius, "simply the best".
Roland Rat.

07-02-2007, 18:21
Thank you both for the info.
Sounds like a nice place to stop so I will head to there for at least a few days of our July hols.