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26-05-2010, 16:36
Have been travelling around the lleyn peninsula recently and using the Tom Tom POIs to good effect. Thanks to all who contribute and maintain.

I would like to make what I think are a couple of corrections. The carpark "CU Aberdaron" costs 3? pound per day and the gates close at 7pm. I can confirm that they do actually close, or at least did when I was there. Only car's can stay overnight for 5 pound, and there is a sign saying no camping. Should this location be removed? I can only think that it was previously visited in the Winter when it wasn't being actively managed? Does anyone know?

Aberdaron site: http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss350/Lodclwyd/Aberdaron/PIC_0045.jpg

Also, the closest site to this is "CR Lleyn Peninsula" which is a beautiful location on top of the headland at Mynydd Mawr. It is owned by the NT and was once a Coastguard lookout. We were there around 8.30 in the evening and the farmer from the adjacent campsite told us we were on private land and wanted to charge us 10 pound to stay there or quit. So if you want to stay there you may have to brass it out with the local farmer :). I didn't.

Here's Mynydd Mawr: http://i590.photobucket.com/albums/ss350/Lodclwyd/Aberdaron/PIC_0037.jpg

26-05-2010, 17:05
Thanks for the update on Aberdaron - I've removed it.

The situation with the Lleyn Peninsula/Mynydd Mawr spot is unclear.

The actual car park area that your picture shows lies without the NT owned land according to the OS 1:25000 map.

So it may be on private land, or the OS map is wrong.

Hopefully someone with local knowledge can advise?

There is a campsite some distance away - perhaps they were trying it on for fear of lost revenue?

PS This is exactly the sort of feedback that I need to keep things up-to-date