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04-06-2010, 16:33
Good afternoon/evening everyone,

5 weeks away from returning to blighty and need to get our truck insured. The previous owners insured it as a horsebox and got very cheap insurance (low miles etc) but I'd rather be honest and insure it as a self-build. It's a bedford tk, 30ft (or 10 metres in new money) fully converted by the previous owner and also likely to do very few miles.


do I need a safety certificate, like I did on my boat?

and who'll insure me? I'd also like roadside assistance, tho recovery is probably unlikely given her size.

Any advice would be appreciated. Well, not any advice, clearly.:D

regards, phil

04-06-2010, 16:35
Any advice would be appreciated. Well, not any advice, clearly.:D

I mean, I know what some of you are like - it'll be advice like "sell it and buy something else" !

04-06-2010, 16:40
Pretty sure that you will need some kind of certificate and probably the registration documents changed to M/H.
Check this site out,

SBMCC ~ Self Build Motor Caravanners Club (http://www.sbmcc.co.uk/)

04-06-2010, 17:35
Some insurers (Campton ins' is one) do require some type of engineers report, Sureterm Ins' require a Gas Safety certificate for self builds, Insurance choice require neither but do recommend, though don't insist on, having the 'body type' of your truck changed to 'Motorcaravan', and Adrian Flux ins' would also be worth a call.

04-06-2010, 17:39
first you need to have a word with dvla .they may inspect it or rely on photos .they can give you the required spec for a m,home. its not difficult. then when its on your log book as a m,home speak to nfu.saga. (if over 50yr old)camptons .try lots .you may need an engineers report. its abit of a joke really. as any garage seems to be able to do one. if you get the right insurance recovery is possible if not join c+cc and get their arrival recovery with rac. again its all a joke.rac dont do big stuff ,but do on arrival contract.
give another post if you keep having trouble its easy to sort.
cheers alan

11-06-2010, 21:13
Pete Best Insurance besure to ask for the motorhome department tell them its non standard, better if you are in some sort of camper / motor home club etc, shouldnt be a problem.
They insure my jeep with two pages of mods for 120 fully comp
They do my Ducato camper for 115 inc legal aid and full recovery on 3000miles a year, oh I can even use it abroard
Carol Nash are also worth a call, ignore the motorbike stuff on the website as they will insure most things cheaply

03-03-2011, 15:11
scenic motorhome & caravan ins. specialists will insure selfbuild campers and are not expensive