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06-06-2010, 21:15
Going to France in September and I have done research on where to wild or stay in the areas of the landings.
Just wandered if anyone else has been to these areas like Omaha etc
I will be on a 16 day tour but only 3 days in that area as we will head south hugging the west coast.

So the best museums
places of war interest
Aires to stay

Thanks all................

06-06-2010, 21:45
i am sure i have read a thread on here by some one who had done the same ??

Jolly Wally
06-06-2010, 23:17
No problems wild camping done same right along coast,its a long way from le harve to point du hoc or end of omaha Think 3 days not long enough.

07-06-2010, 07:39
It depends on how much you want to go into viewing the Invasion beaches.
If you are really serious then you will need at least two weeks to do justice to them.
In a week, then you have to consider doing a beach per day plus the museums and cemeterys
There is good wild camping at the big car park at Utah beach. A lot of people over-night here when they are heading back up to Cherbourg.
Longue sur Mer gun battery also used to be good. I don't know if it is still OK to ever-night there though.
Your chances of getting on the Aires at Arromanches are not good. It is even difficult to get on there to drop waste. People use it as a car park but once they find a nice trial of black water down the sides of their cars they soon get the message :D
Pegasus Bridge is well worth seeing as is St Mere Eglise. The museum at St Mere Eglise is particularly good and is very affordable.
In fact, most of the places are affordable and are in total contrast to this Country

07-06-2010, 08:03
We did this tour in Jan Arromances air in the village is very small but you can overnight at the top of the hill by the memorial (no services) make sure you visit the 360 degree cinema up there.And make time to visit the American cemetary at Omaha beach.
See the memorial on the beach at Omaha

07-06-2010, 12:39
i strongly recommend watching band of brothers and saving private ryan before you go!, i went to arromanche be it on my bike, but i stood overlooking the beaches and envisioned the brave soldiers etc trying to get across the beach, they are two good films/series to watch about the d-day landings.and i could'nt even imagine what went through their minds as they landed.

08-06-2010, 20:18
Thanks all, maybe 2 -3 days is not enough and the more you see could get engrossed but then again it may get to much for us so we may just move on, we will have to see how we feel at the time.............
thanks again for your posts:cool::cool::D

08-06-2010, 20:42
At the moment I am on my way to the WW2 Beaches in Normandy. Previously I had no problems getting in the aires at Arromanches but it was a case of being at the right time. If you get the aires book you will find many spots in this area. The cemetery at Omaha beach where they filmed Private Ryan is really worth a visit and there is a super aires just before. As said, three days is not enough and Normandy is really a nice area and enjoy/

08-06-2010, 21:14
Also try the harbour at Port-en-Bessin (approach along the east side of the river - the swing bridge is very narrow). Loads of campers there most nights.

I've had a place in Normandy for ten years and during that time spent 18 months living there permanently and I've still only scratched the surface.

Some of the museums are linked, so you can get a discounted ticket if you plan to visit several.

09-06-2010, 11:11
Just come back from there. There is a fantastic wild spot near the gun battery at Longues Sur Mer. Longues-sur-Mer gun battery -- Sightseeing with Google Satellite Maps (http://www.satellite-sightseer.com/id/3115) Its about 3 miles up the coast from Arromanches and you can see the Mulberry (artificial) harbour at arromanches from the cliff top wild spot. Go beyond the gun battery car park right as far as the cliff edge and there is loads of space to park with a great sea view. We stayed there a couple of times now. You can fill up and empty at the Aire in Arromanches and then camp on the cliff top at the gun battery which is intact and worth a visit. The Aire at Arromanches is too cramped for my liking so unless you need to stay in the town I would avoid it.

Here is a pic taken a couple of weeks ago


If you go to the American cemetary at Omaha be sure to go in the actual cemetary museum first which is free and really really good. We spent two hours in there.

Pegasus bridge is worth a visit as well as is the British cemetary at Bayeux. You could see quite a bit it three days but more would be better.

09-06-2010, 12:39
Hi Cipro.
Hope that you enjoy your visit to the D Day Normandy beaches. Just to stand there looking inland trying to imagine what those soldiers had to to face. I can only agree with N8rbos, that is to watch a film as descriptive such as Saving private Ryan can only help bring it home.
We always try to take in a commonwealth war cemetery on route to the UK each year.
This year its the Dunkirk beaches we are interested in. We want to to pay our respects at the Le Paradis massacre memorial where members of the Royal Norfolk's & Scots who were murdered by the ss are remembered.
It's good to take the time at places such as these to reflect, and to remember that is down to guys such as these that we owe our freedom to travel Europe.

Bonne route

09-06-2010, 20:03
I did not realize how many people have took time to visit the war beeches
and looking at pictures and reading more information I may need to go
on my own and take as much time as I like,:eek: but we are traveling with others so just a 3 day snippet will be ok this time.

We all do and see things for different resends :D and one of my reasons are ......when asked my granddad many years ago ( god bless him )
about the landings, being only 10 ish he said you don't need to now at your age and I can see why he made that decision, the greatest respect
to him..........I don't mind sharing that with all he was a proud chap..

Anyway thanks again and keep the info coming as I am gathering it and then will get the best out of my trip:D:D:D

10-06-2010, 06:53
I took beloved daughter around the beaches when she was about 20ish
We went around Pegasus Bridge and even managed to tack onto a Battlefield Tours group and that was hilarious. It was being taken by a youngish ex orificer and was along the lines of the "Well, we were over here and they were over there" type thing
On the other side of the road from the Museum are the concrete blocks marking where the gliders landed and we were walking around them
Now keep in mind that Daughter had seen the film, looked at the museum and heard the talk: She suddenly turned to me and said "But gliders don't have engines, do they?"
Genius :D