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17-10-2004, 18:43
stayed previously in the car park at the Altguish inn.checked with the owner who allowed the overnight stay.Ideal base for walking in the Fannichs and for Ben Wyvis.If stay not allowed go up the road past the dam.Plenty of spots.

on the same theme also try the Dundonnel Inn.Stayed in the car park opposite the pub with permission and was allowed to water up in the petrol garage.

Big huge hard surface parking area on the Ullapool road where it meets the Destititution road from Dundonnel

06-08-2014, 21:28
Just after the Altguish Inn at Blackwater bridge turn left towards Strath Vaich. You will find a barrier across the road but you just lift that and proceed up the glen. You will go over a bailey bridge and then come to Vaich Dam. I lived there as a child in the late fifties on the construction camp when the dam was being built. It is my intention to take my camper van there for a few days and try to recollect where all of the huts were. We used to play football on the lawn of the big house. I might even try and re-climb the mountain that we called the 'cats back' It would be adviseable to obtain permission to freedom camp from the resident gamekeeper.
I do have photos of the camp and dam when it was under construction, some with 10ft snowdrifts.

07-08-2014, 05:32
Can we see them?