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John H
14-06-2010, 13:12
On the seafront, to the left of the lifeboat station there is an overspill car park which is free, level and with no restrictions. The main car park, to the right of the lifeboat station, has “no overnight parking” restrictions. Great views across the Solway Firth to the Galloway hills.

11-06-2011, 15:55
just been to silloth last night, went fishing at west beach with the intention of staying over and fishing the morning high tide, everything was fine till 10.30 then the boy racers arrived to do spins on the gravel carpark, we gave in after an hour and drove along to allonby and had a quiet night there instead. The overspill by the lifeboat station looked quiet when we left so that would seem like a better option for next time.

11-06-2011, 20:42
A few weeks ago we stayed in the car park beside the recycling point (a bit further on than the Lifeboat station car park). I am not sure if there was a sign that said no overnighting. I asked some locals and they said it would be OK. We had a peaceful night tucked away in the corner of the car park.

The Lifeboat station car park is fine for smaller vans but a big one could get blocked in during the day. There was one van in it when we were there but the car park was pretty full most of the time. That could have been due to the glorious weather bringing out the day trippers.

12-06-2011, 06:54
there is a sign on that carpark, and it gets very busy during the summer because it is next to the amusements. next weekend is the vintage rally (18-19 june) there is free camping on the green for entrants but no one checks. there is a carpark further along going out of silloth with toilets, that is quiet at nights but gets busy durring the day.

Bernard Jones
12-06-2011, 17:51
Yes I like Silloth too. Maryport even better - south side of the harbour its mostly pay & display, but lots of places to park north side of the harbour where nobody bothers you.