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28-06-2010, 19:06
Gallipoli,TROY ,the Dardenelles,and the Marmaris,many places to see and visit,history timeline and legends,from the recent graveyards of 1914/15 landings,to the ILIAD of Homer ,Helen of Troy,the many ancient ruins of that time dating back 5000 years,through to ancient Greek cultures and then the Romans,many,many sites you can walk around and ON ! I was picking up artifacts from 3000 years ago !!! there was a pile of waste,taller than me from a archealogical dig,made up of broken pottery from that date,also the coast itself is stunning and wild,if not a campsite there then a perfect spot for ' wildcamping ' like the many we found and stayed at,right at the waters edge,with amazing backdrops,not forgetting this is a Muslim country,modern yes and westernized but still Muslim,the call to prayer 4 times a day from the minourettes (tall towers of the Mosques) some women go swimming in the sea,but covered head to foot,others especially if young or not married,in bikini's.
This is a must drive,especially if you have a long summer or winter to use up,not forgetting Greece and Bulgaria next door also the many,many islands all along the coasts.
Any info on this area ask away,for example the ferry across the Dardenelles takes approx 20 minutes,carries roughly 20 cars/campers and a few lorries,costs 8 TL (4) for m/bike,26 TL for car and 35 TL for the M/home one way.:D

28-06-2010, 19:45
Hi barnybg.
You are bringing back good memories when we did the Turkey thing 21 years ago, including the ferry across the Dardenelles to Gallipoli and an overnight ferry from Istanbul to Izmer. Not with a m/H but with a tent on top of the car:D
We went up to the Black sea to Sile and Fenner before heading south to Antalya and Dalaman Delta.
What a great country it is except for the screwing of the cats:D four times a day;)
A few years before that we did it by express coaches and that was before Charter flights to Turkey, we had to fly Scheduled to Istanbul and then sort out the coaches.
In those days it was a real culture shock:cool: fantastic:cool:

Tony Lee
29-06-2010, 19:34
Interested in your comment about "long summer or winter".

Turkey is our next destination and I have yet to do much research on what weather to expect in which area in which season, but due to our MH travels elsewhere, it would probably suit us better to be able to spend most of our three months in turkey during your winter. I guess the northern half would be quite cold, but do you have any comments about whether Turkey is perhaps similar to Morocco in the weather we could expect.

BTW, if anyone knows of a good cheap place not too far from Athens where we could leave our MH for several months, I would appreciate the info.

29-06-2010, 21:35
Hi Tonylee,i too ,have to do more research on Turkey,i have asked and have been told approx 15c to 22 c ? but further down near to Cypres,and yes the mountain areas can drop in temperature so wont be going there.
I expect to be going mid to end of December for 3 months (VISA stay) but trying to find out if a longer visa is available?
I live or have my base in Bulgaria now,and although a cracking Spring/Summer,by December the weather takes a dip,usually snows a foot or two with temperatures from - 2c to - 22 c ,so can be pretty Brrrrrr,and i end up being like a bear for 3 or 4 months till March.
I would think it would be similar to Morocco or Tunisia ? as Iran,Israel,Egypt,Libya are all in the same area ? or am i being a little naive?would you be going the same time ?
Gallipoli and Troy has many olive trees which says it doesn't drop too cold as they would die,and these areas are right up the top near Bulgaria so a thousand miles or so lower ,i would think would be warmer,anyone else thinking of a winter journey/trek,as i just came back from a 'quickie' there,i noticed a convoy of around 12 M/H of Italians,a few Brits,German and Romanian campers.

Tony Lee
30-06-2010, 00:52
Barney, the plan is to pick up our MH in Stuttgart in mid October and make our way to Greece before the weather gets too cold. We leave the MH near Athens and then return either to Australia or the US where we have other motorhomes and then return the next year to do the Turkey trip.

So won't be there during your trip - and that means I will be looking for a detailed report from you to help with my planning:D

30-06-2010, 07:24
I would like to see Nomad's comments on Turkey... :D

30-06-2010, 07:36
Ok,a simple solution to the strict 90 day/3 month visa,is a visit for the day to one of the many GREEK islands that are all along the coast of Turkey ! By leaving the country for a day out to another country another visa can then be payed for,at 30 euro's for another 3 months.
What has Nomad to say about Turkey ?
Shame i was looking forward to meeting other ' winter ' travellers,even to meet up with now and again in the 4 months 'winterizing ' in Turkey. :D but do call in if your round my way (border with Turkey/Greece) in Bulgaria in the spring/summer.

27-04-2011, 09:03
hi Barneybg,

İ saw you are in Bulgaria (and turkey too somehow)

İ would like to ask you some quastions.
As i am a newbie hier, i wasn t able to send you a private message without using the threads so i had to drop a note hier.

Would you contact me on altanaustirol@gmail.com


Pete Westy
13-09-2011, 12:09
Hoping to go to Istanbul next year.
Planning to go via Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade.
Love some advice on which way after that, South to Thessalonica and along the coast or South East across the middle of Bulgaria?
(We are planning to come back via Thessalonica, Athens then via Italy)

Any tips for must see places in Serbia or Bulgaria on the way?

13-09-2011, 14:37
Hi have just caught this thread and thought it best to throw a warning in reguarding taking a vehicle to turkey, you are allowed to take a vehicle into turkey for a maximum of 6 months (unless it is under three years old and you are importing it into the country) exceed this and you will lose the vehicle no if's or buts?
Once taken out of the country i dont think it can return for at least twelve months,
the vehicle is recorded on your passport and as such if you intend to go out of country to gain a further three month visa you have to take the vehicle with you or leave it in a government secure area, there are such things at large city's like Izmir for example but you will have to do your own research to find one.
i have added this as a precaution so peo.ple dont just assume they can come and go as they please with turkey as they do have very different rules to the rest of europe, and i would hate to see someone stranded, however i am sure you will all do your homework before you go, on the bright side the rules change there all the time (mostly for the better) this information is at best now three years old and could have changed already.
So good luck with your trips, this is one i hope to make some time.

13-09-2011, 15:11
hi, jon. its 6 months in any 12mths . lots of countries work that same rulling .maroc is the same. some youneed carnet de passage . or pay the dues at the border. get a carnet from the AA here or from ADAC in germany.
turkey is no worse than loads of countries. but too cold in winter or me . these days many drive through on the way to egypt for the winter. is nice n warm there.they also used to book surfboards and diving gear on the passport .used to be a good earner a few years ago before the authorities caught on. also spark plugs was an earner. every country as its missing comodity . here we miss sunshine . ha ha .
cheers alan.

18-10-2012, 18:18
Some pics of Troy and several places we 'wild camped' along the coast there.Still haven't spent the Winter there,dont know if Greece or Turkey is the better/warmer,all other places too far or expensive for me to travel too,from Bulgaria.

06-04-2014, 10:58
Thought this thread needed reviving :)
We spent 10 weeks in Turkey in June, July and August 2013. It was an absolute delight and I would strongly recommend it.
It did get pretty hot in some places for a while.
I don't think we ever use a commercial camp ground of any sort.

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Tony Lee
08-12-2014, 23:09
Time to revive the thread again - and maybe eventually add some info when we have arrived. .,

End of February we head to Stuttgart to pick up the MH and then point it towards Turkey.

Like Peter and Margaret, we prefer free camping/wild camping/bushcamping/boondocking - whatever you want to call it - as that results in some amazing views out the window.

Still to decide our route - maybe down to Italy and then a ferry to Greece and then Turkey. Return trip may still leave the MH in or near Greece and then when we return, drive north through the east European countries and eventually back to Stuttgart.

Pete Westy
09-12-2014, 09:58
If your MH is in Stuttgart, you might be interested in the way we went for two months last year. We only stayed at one campsite (Vienna)
The theme was Black Forest to Black Sea.
From Donaueschingen in the Black Forest, which is the source of the Danube, we generally followed the Danube to the Black Sea.
The route goes through Bavaria, Austria - Linz and Vienna, Bratislava – capital of Slovakia, Budapest – capital of Hungary, Croatia, Belgrade – capital of Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. As well as cities there are a large number of Natural Heritage sites and a long distance cycle route follows the river.
We made lots of extensive detours on the way and only got as far as Romania where we could no longer stand the heat (in August) and came back home again. (We went back to Istanbul in the winter- much better)
Whichever way you go have a great trip.

Tony Lee
10-12-2014, 01:09
"where we could no longer stand the heat (in August)"

Hmmmm That sounds ominous.

We have two serious problems. Both Betty and I are terminally city-phobic and acutely heat-phobic so I think - after a bit more research - that we will leave Stuttgart about a week into March and blast down the main roads to Turkey so we get there in the cooler weather, spend perhaps 10 weeks there and then at the end of May escape up into the northern part of eastern Europe before it gets too hot.

Original plan via Italy and Greece and ferry would take too long so we can do those countries in winter perhaps in 2016.

Need to be back in Peru before the end of August before our vehicle import permit suspension expires and preferably well before that before things warm up too much there.
If I can find somewhere to leave the motorhome at a sensible monthly rate, we might even leave it just out of Turkeyand fly out from say, Athens. It is German registered so presumably we can leave in anywhere in the EU without problems.

Pete Westy
10-12-2014, 08:25
I've got a photo somewhere of a public clock/temperature display, up near the Ukraine border, showing 45 degree C!
Locally that was considered a bit warmer than usual.

Tony Lee
10-12-2014, 11:27
Yes, if I want HOT, I just have to stay home. Just after we left on the last trip, son emailed to say it was 47 degrees in Sydney. That is very hot for a large city.
Trouble is the older I get, the less heat tolerance I have - but I guess that might be just due to a generalised decreasing tolerance for anything that doesn't suit me

10-12-2014, 15:37
Tony these people have replied to a couple of my questions regarding Greece, Cissy was my contact she was very helpful, Perhaps they could suggest some long term parking to suit you.

http://www.motorhomeclub.gr/index.php/forum1/taksideyontas-stin-ellada/721-%CE%BA%CE%B1%CF%81%CE%BD%CE%B1%CE%B2%CE%AC%CE%BB%C E%B9-%CF%83%CF%84%CE%B7%CE%BD-%CE%BE%CE%B1%CE%BD%CE%B8%CE%B7

10-12-2014, 16:39
We did 12 weeks over the summer round Turkey starting in mid March and finishing in Istanbul mid July. Temperatures were bearable in Istanbul We also popped in Georgia and Armenia for 4 weeks. Mostly wild camped and had a fabulous time. Remember UK passport holders need to buy an evisa and print it out prior to arrival.

PM if you want parking locations.

If I recall Rick and Kathy -Americans (see travelin-tortuga.com) left their US registered MH in Alexandroupoulis, Greece not far from Turkey.