View Full Version : Hereford, pub stopover, World Cup final!

08-07-2010, 18:34
I'm going to be travelling up north from Bristol later this coming Sunday afternoon and looking for a pub stop-over area where I can grab a decent bite to eat, watch the World Cup Final on TV and crash out for the night in my new Bongo - come on guys, groans aren't funny - before a meeting in the Hereford area on Monday morning!

Any thoughts, suggestion, recommendations for a novice camper?


09-07-2010, 13:11
Hi Pete
Try the Trumpet Inn 14miles away,
they have their own campsite and charge 12 including hookup.
Only left there myself on Weds as its only 10 miles from where I live.
There is another campsite next to the pub but charges more so go in the pub ask for Jack or Emily or ring 01531 670277.
If you dont need hookup its obviously cheaper.
Jack will have the TV out in the garden to watch the Football (hate it !!!) and drink the great Wadworths beers.
I will be back there on Sunday night so come and say hello but please dont talk about football !!!!
If you ring mention my name.
Another pub is The Axe & cleaver on the main Ross to Hereford road,have not used the campsite but have had many beers in the pub over the years


09-07-2010, 14:13
Thanks for the help; I'm not actually that keen on the round ball game but my twin sons are Dutch and will be watching from somewhere in Holland and it'll be nice to keep in touch by txt or whatever while the game is actually on.

I''ll have a look at both sites and will certainly look you up if I get to the first one - did I say that it's going to be my first night out on my own in a van!!!


12-07-2010, 09:49
Actually stayed at The Axe & Cleaver on the A49 about 10 miles south of Hereford.

Basically just a neatly trimmed field next to a pub restaurant which didn't open until 19:00 in the evening. Food and beer were fine but I was distracted by WC football which had probably swelled the numbers to, oooh, 10 or 12!

Given that it was pretty much in the country, the more or less continuous road noise from the A49 was surprising and not welcome for a fairly light sleeper on his first trip away!

Other than that, my new old Bongo is great fun and got me back up to the Wirral in just under three hours despite occassional very slow moving traffic.

On the way back was amused to see a sign outside a Diner cafe - sorry didn't note exactly where - offering B&B for 5.95 - not a bad deal if you don't mind overnighting in a car park next to a main road!