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11-07-2010, 12:00
Try Konse Motel. Not a Stellplatz, more small camping (mainly m/h) in grounds of motel. All facilities including kitchen for use of campers.
From memory about 12 Euro all in......... but our gas regulator had failed so kitchen facilities useful! Mossies in evening could be a nuisance.
Parnu has a pleasant old town, 15 min walk from Konse Motel. Large supermarket 10 mins walk.
GPS 58.23.5N / 24.31.31E

05-07-2012, 08:41
We are going to the Baltic States in September,any info ?

joannaand richard
20-08-2012, 18:40
Hi - we are currently in Estonia - in Parnu infact - and it is delightful. Soooo much nicer than Tallin.
We arrived in Tallin from Finland on Friday 17th and spent the night at the Pirita Harbour motorhome site. We first tried the City Camp - i don't know who wrote the description - i think they must have employed an estate agent - cos we didn't see any greenery, views or isolation - it looked like the back parking lot of a factory to us so we about turned and follwed the signs to the harbour site. Overlooks the marina, has loos and water but apparently you could empty chemical loos at a nearby garage and have a paying shower at the tennis club. As we did neither of these things i cannot comment. We then headed West to Haapsaalu and found a wildcamping spot beyond the town beside the sea (N 58degrees 56.052 E23 degrees 27.870). There was a very mucky picnic spot with a track opposite which we went down and parked at the bottom - the place was obviously well used by locals who were possibly a bit miffed when they found we had beaten them to it. However on the drive out we found lots of other places in the heath/forest that might have been good too. Next night we went on south to Manilaid the ferry port car park at the end of the road from Pootsie ( N 58 degrees 13.746 E24degrees 07,046) Two euros to park for 24 hours good views - clean loos. Now as I said we are in Parnu at the Konse motel and campervan site. Good spot beside the river though just at the moment there is rather a noisy machine doing something on the other side of the river - hope it will not go on all night. Here we have elec, wifi showers loos, grey water emptying, chemical loo emptying, kitchen, all for 19 euros and a washing machine and dryer 5 euros each (N 58 23' 05" E 24 31' 35.2")

Generally wildcamping is not so easy in Estonia as they do not have any motorhome service points - other than at campsites and there are not many decent laybys. Going off down side roads - often quite rough tracks, seems only to lead to private houses - in the main it seems better to head for bathing beach signs.

We have loved Parnu, today was/is Re-Independence day and we went to a concert held in a local park to celebrate all very pleasant and genuine - in comparison we really did not like Tallin which we found a bit sleazy, the biggest brashest building was a somewhat dodgy nightclub,and the 'old' part of town a real tourist trap, girls dressed up in medieval costume etc. - all a bit fake - not for us.

Also Estonia was a bit of a shock after Scandinavia with many dilapidated buildings, abandoned factories, rotting machinery - all a bit depressing but Parnu is much better. hope this helps - we are off to Latvia tomorrow - have a good trip.

07-03-2013, 21:15
Very usefull information, Thankyou very much i will be using these places for sure..