View Full Version : cherbourg, to budapest, 14 July-24 aug, anyone on our way

11-07-2010, 14:50
My daughter and I are leaving Ireland on tuesday, we arrive in cherbourg on wednesday, we have booked into a campsite with friends in carnac on weds night, but after that we are heading east, firstly to new friends south of Stuttgart, about the 18 or so of Aug

then south to switzerland, zurich

across to austria, tirol region. 23 ish??

down to treviso where another new friend hosts us for a couple of days, so italy for a few days, 28? My birthday in italy would be good.

slovenia and croatia, 30-5?

then up to Budapest for the szegit festival on the 9 August, there for about 9 days, and I have no idea of our route back yet but we have a ferry from cherbourg on the 23 Aug

this is our journey blog, if you are going to be anywhere near, or spot our van, then stop by for a cuppa or a glass of something.

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