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23-07-2010, 03:44
The cam gear pump works fine for filtered WVO or used motor oil Babington heaters and I have installed it on my Babington style heaters. Ldu Company's stock number is 450516 , The only thing about the cam gear pump is that the fire kind of pulses as the cam gear rotates. If you use the spur gear pump that is LDU's stock number 450512 then you get a steady non-pulsing fire. The WVO pump website is Wholesale Tools With Free Shipping World Wide From China Distributor (http://www.liangdianup.com/subpages/oilpump_1.htm) or you can click through to the tools section from the home page at www.LDUcompany.com

LDU Company also has other parts that I use for building my waste oil burners, like gear reduction motors. I find it best to turn the pump slower because you really don't need a whole lot of oil dripping on the atomizer ball.

24-07-2010, 01:25
I'll probably get banned, but that is the strangest first post I've ever seen on a motorhome site!

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24-07-2010, 09:19
Possibly spam methinks, sounds like an advert for a chinese pump manufacturer! :rolleyes: