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17-10-2004, 19:30
New to this site.From viewing the wild camping sites entries it would seem that there are quite a lot of viewers but not a lot of people putting thier own wild camping sites onto the database.Any reason for this?.Are people keeping thier own a secret?.I think the more that go on the more people will use the site.

18-10-2004, 20:33
Welcome to the site, Steve
We had a load on the old data base mate but as Admin has only just got it back up and running give us a little time. I have been able to supply him with most of the old data base so hopefully we'll be able to update it before too long. in the meantime please add yours and try some of ours.
I spend most of the summer in Scotland and have quite a few up there which I'll be putting on.
In the meantime please consider the invite to the wedding next year. I'm looking forward to meeting some of you lot in the flesh

22-02-2006, 18:46
:rolleyes: We stayed round the New Forest last September and wildcamped at Hatchet Pond on the rd to Beulieau, some cars came on but drove off after a couple of minutes, we didnt get disturbed again, a lovely peacefull spot, we also stayed in one of the laybys in cheddar gorge,that was our 1st night ever staying in our camper, although its on the side of the rd we didnt get disturbed much. We are going down to the same arrea in April and are looking to visit Portsmouth any suggestions where to park over,? thanks