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23-08-2010, 16:59
Isle of Coll
It seems that wild camping is no longer allowed on Coll. The website Isle of Coll - a visitors guide (http://www.visitcoll.co.uk) has a section on motorhomes (under heading "Visitors" ) which is certainly not "Motorhome friendly"
However we visited the island on a day trip with bicycles and spoke to a couple who had been wildcamping with no problems.
Since it may not be possible to get off the island for 2 days I wanted to make others aware that there could be problems.

24-07-2012, 17:26
We have visited both Coll and Tiree recently on day trips with bicycles.
There were very few Motorhomes on the ferries or on the island.
I've noticed that the link I posted previously no longer mentions Motorhomes.
If they were trying to discourage us they have certainly done that !
It's a pity because it is a lovely island with friendly people
Margaret and David

24-07-2012, 17:38
On Coll the ppublic toilets have signs warning of the damage to the environment that will be done if toilet cassettes are emptied there but it is possible to empty them for a charge at the campsite.
Funny how the environment isn't damaged if you pay !!
There are lots of yachts anchored close to the toilets who will most likely be putting there toilet waste direct into the bay
Margaret and David