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26-09-2010, 10:59
Ok you lot. So we are meandering our way around Britains quite frankly lovely coast. Since leaving the North we have done the Forest of Dean, North Devon, north and west cornwall and are currently on a cracking CL between Falmouth and St Mawes.

Our intention is to carry on along the south coast and try and see some of the places we missed or couldnt get to on our Christmas visit.

Plenty of CL's to be had and we usually just ring up on the day or a day ahead but we are yearning to find that perfect wild camping spot. I know they are easy to find up north and in Scotland but you must have em down here. In January we tried to get to Rame Head near Plymouth where I had heard there is a wild spot but the snow, ice and frankly very narrow roads and a stroppy sat nav made it impossible. Anyone know if you can wild there and a safe route to get to it?

Would anyone be willing to share their favourite wild spots along this route? Please PM me if you dont wish them to be broadcast.

Ideally we want somewhere in the middle of knowhere so dont really want car parks in towns etc. Something on a headland or by a lake where we wont disturb too many people (and we wont get disturbed!) to much.

I know its a big ask but there must be a few tucked away!

Im trying to search on my own but my connection speed is hopeless. I have all the GPS points from here in the sat nav but cant use google earth as its too slow.


26-09-2010, 16:23
hi barry .its winter down here you can just about park where ever you want . now the summer madness as gone just stop where ever. if you want a place in the centre of cornwall you can park in my drive if you like in roche. have a few bevies and a chat. but park where you want nobody cares in cornwall this time of the year. let me know if your popping in i,l get the kettle on.
cheers alan.

26-09-2010, 16:52
Cheers for the offer Alan

We have booked on another CL for tomorrow near Fowey. I think we may then head up to Rame Head area overlooking Plymouth Sound, Ive heard there are some good spots up there.

Im really hoping to discover a fantastic wild spot with a perfect view but so far it has eluded me. Not come across anything like that whilst out on the bike. Plenty of car parks and the like but Im after something special.

Doesnt matter as the CL's are lovely but it makes it more interesting seeking out wild spots.


26-09-2010, 17:43
there are a few along the coast from where you are to mevagissey but its very narrowand you would struggle to get to them . vw,s and merc vito mazda bongo rule in the narrows. but if you keep close to the coast and visit fowey take the ferry to bodinick then again follow the coast .you are bound to find one.around port holland is a few small carpasrks over looking the sea. .becareful near boswinger .there is a campsite there. but the road from the campsite is very nasrrow to the beach. with a small camper its possible to go and park by the beach and stay but its very narrow .worth a trip on the bike though. was there a few weekends ago with my bongo. most of the free park places are inland by the moors . but keep by the coast from polruean to looe you should find a few park places . i prefer the north coast really but its ok for snorkelling on the south coast when its warm. i,m off to plymouth tomorrow but may sneak back along the coast so look out for a green bongo . there are to many i think downhere . cheers alan.

26-09-2010, 18:23
Thanks Alan

will look out for you