View Full Version : Barmouth main car park..Got to Barmouth late.

28-09-2010, 21:38
Hi to all,
Stayed on the car park for 1 night, next to the wall adjacent to the railway line. A few more campervans were there..
The next morning, we woke up early then drove to the end of the prom for a bacon sarnie.

That was the start of our trip, the only freebie, but we stayed for 10 nights in Wales, from Borth to Caernavon and only paid 110.00 in campsite fees.

It's OK to get the odd night in for free, But the old merc van in the Barmouth car park?

Anyone seen the van?


29-09-2010, 07:38
Thanks for that Dogseal, nice to know that Barmouth could be used for wilding,:cool: although I suspect that out of season would be easier.
This is the second positive report within the last couple of weeks about Barmouth.:cool: A few times we have thought of overnighting there, but we thought that a coach built may be too much in their faces to tuck away in a corner.:confused:
On a little tangent, with us both retiring earlier this year, we have tried successfully, not to use campsites and apart from meeting Kaths sister in France for 5 days costing under 40 euro all in, (she has a caravan,therefore on a site) we have not been on a site since the new year and have saved lots of money:cool:, however as winter approaches we may use a few for the convenience of an electric hook up:)
Don't forget Aberystwyth near to Borth is easy to free park and is quite motorhome friendly. At the other end of your journey is Caernafron which is equally good for wilding, with Anglesey just around the corner with more places again.

29-09-2010, 09:42
Definitely out of season! I've already posted on this spot in the last couple of weeks. In season don't consider it.

We too have an old merc motorhome. Shame I didn't know you were going - could have saved you 110 in site fees! There's hundreds of places round there. Download the new database from Canalsman when it comes out - I've sent him hundreds of spots this past month many around where you've just been as I go there every couple of weeks.

Happy camping!