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17-10-2010, 17:27
We are off to the very top of Scotland on 22 October. I have read the wild camping suggestions. Has anyone got anymore particularly across the top end from John O' Groats to Cape Wrath? This is the first time going wild for us, other than motorway services etc. so safe and secure places are a must! I wouldn't say no to pub car parks!!! What about a stop over on the A9 in the Cairngorm area? We will be driving up from Northampton and anticipate getfing to that area by about midnight.

17-10-2010, 19:32
Cannot give any particular details but frankly you can park safely almost anywhere in the north of Scotland:) I think you will enjoy the West more than the east - We were around Durness in August and it is fantastic. Loch Eribol and Loch Hope as well and the Norht West coast. John o'groats is a bit boring:( (nothing like Lands End)

For extra safety one or two tips:
Do not park if you see a "no overnight parking" sign. (at this time of year it is unlikely to be a problem, but obviously it is better not to park up under a sign:D)
Do not park in front of a house, in a gateway, in a passing place, or anywhere you may be causing a hazard - blocking the sight line on a road, or causing obvious obstruction.
This is all very obvious, but it may help when you find a spot, just to check.

There are lots of bits of old road, quarries used when the roads were being built, car parks, laybys etc. I am sure you will find plenty of safe places - and after the first one or two you will forget to worry about whether if is safe or not:):) And if you sign up as a full member you can download sights already identified by wildcampers (including me :) all over Scotland and indeed uk

18-10-2010, 08:51
Hi, we travelled to the far north coast a couple of years ago. Our first stop on the coast was at a CL at Skerray, just west of Bettyhill. After that, it was mainly wild camping. I have written about our time in this area on Virtual Tourist.

nickandchris's Travel Map - VirtualTourist.com (http://members.virtualtourist.com/m/m/87f23/)

Scroll down, most of the places are under United Kingdom, rather than Scotland! Click on one and click on tips.Hope this is of some help.

18-10-2010, 19:41
Follow the road to Dunnett Head. There are some places before you get to the lighthouse

18-10-2010, 21:20
Why not look at your Road Atlas then do a search on here to get other members posts of the area and then Google Earth it.

You should be spoiled for choice. We stick to coastal spots so I cannot help with the Highlands. If you want a beach location, just ask me as we were up that way not long ago. Every place we stayed is on this forum anyway.

michael beck
19-10-2010, 06:09
Pitlochry, atholl road car park is one of a few places in that town.
Just off the A9 at PH16 5BX.
But there are literally dozens of easy to spot places on your route north.

19-10-2010, 12:48
Thanks. Yes we will be looking for beach locations from John O'Groats westwards towards Caape Wrath and then doen to Ullapool. Any suggestions you have would be great!

19-10-2010, 16:17
Thanks. Yes we will be looking for beach locations from John O'Groats westwards towards Caape Wrath and then doen to Ullapool. Any suggestions you have would be great!

Hi Andy

I strongly advise you to download the Wild Camping Map & POI files. Then install Google Earth on your computer (if necessary). After that you can browse all the sites listed - almost 2,000 for Scotland, England and Wales.

Lots of the places are in Scotland, and the Google Earth data allows you to look at most of the places in Google Streetview too!

Give it a go :)