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28-10-2004, 21:12
Each year in Dunnoon there is a big Highland games on the last weekend in August. The council allow parking and camping (pitching tents no prob) no charge. Toilets and water available across the road and it is 10 mins walk from town centre. It gets a bit noisy as it is a party weekend (disco lights and all sorts last year plus barbies and parties all over the car park) but the people are great and all goes quiet for the kids to sleep at about 11.
The games are fairly expensive but worth it as it was the world pipe band championships and a real spectacle. It’s not the world championship any longer (that’s in Glasgow) but is the one the bands still want to win. But at the end of the day the bands parade back from the field down the high street and there is a free 3 1/2 show with music and dancing thrown in. well worth a visit.
If you use the ferry turn left as you come off the terminal and carry along the road until you see the vans and tents, about 1 mile.
if you don't use the ferry.
Take the A 82 out of Glasgow and follow it past Loch Lomond. At Tarbet turn on to the A83 and climb the big hill. it is 70 miles this way round but the views are incredible.
hope to see y'all there next year and we'll take you to a ceileidh on the sunday

10-09-2006, 13:58
just got back from 3 weeks touring and bypassed Dunoon in favour of going to Bute. Would have given it a shot. There is always next year!:)