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26-12-2010, 10:11
Where are the GREECE write ups ?Is there anyone there over the Winter ? who has travelled there and where do you suggest visiting ?
Its December 26th, and i have being taken note of the temperatures there till now,Athens and below has been around the 20 c and is today,is it a freek show of nature or is it normally this temperature ?i asked if its freak due to the weird European /UK weather at present !!
Maybe i will travel and stay in Greece/Athens and beyond,next year,as its closer for me being in Bulgaria!today here (BG) it's 11c at 1pm,yesterday it was 15c ....
The coast from Thessaloniki to Alexandropoli,which is the end of Greece before entering Turkey,i can vouch for,as its mostly undeveloped,if that's what your looking for,which i imagine everyone in a motorhome wants ? otherwise why not fly and go to hotels and that sort of holiday ?

26-12-2010, 10:16
DUH ! i just noticed what i had done,so if you can 'stick my post ' where it suppose to be,or ,if no use,please delete,sorry.

John H
26-12-2010, 10:52
Hi Barny and Merry Christmas. There is no doubt that the winter temperatures in Greece this year are exceptional. Normally, in Athens, the min would be about 5 or 6 and the max about 14 or 15. It has been known in recent years for snow to fall. We have twice spent autumn on the Peloponese but by the end of October it usually starts to get chilly enough to drive most motorhomers westwards to Spain/Portugal or the extreme south of Italy. Crete, the southernmost island of Greece does attract quite a few overwintering Germans but there is an expensive ferry involved. Of course, there is no way of knowing whether this year is an exception or part of a trend - but if you can get to Greece this year it looks as if the good weather will continue for a bit yet. All the best, John