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07-03-2011, 22:24
I was with Comfort for a year, no real problems, thought they were quite human! However I changed to get extra green card time in Morocco with Safeguard. I thought I swapped policies like for like, as they told me, not so, I am not insured to drive any other vehicles third party fire and theft, and yet I was on the Comfort policy. The wording on the policy document about the 'exclusion' is scandalous, nobody can understand it!
So, I smashed my wifes car up (not deliberately), not insured, hefty repair bill, repairs to other cars, a court appearance, probably 6 points and a fine, all because I left the handbrake off and it rolled down the road - I URGE YOU CHECK YOUR POLICIES especially if your van is a home conversion, the likelyhood is you are not insured for what you think you are, cheers Tony

03-05-2011, 21:47
6 points and 450 fine
But Im writing to ask 'Safeguard' to clarify their wording on the policy, as everybody I have shown it to says it's totally ambiguous

03-05-2011, 22:14
I have found that with a fully comp policy you are covered to drive other vehicles on a 'third party' cover if it does not belong to a spouse.
I am currently with Safeguard, so will check my policy document.

03-05-2011, 22:27
that as been slowly being changed and i think it is to do with this new insurance law about continual insurance for taxed cars etc. before so long as it was taxed you could drive someone elses car and they could transfer insurance to another vehicle. its very common to not have that bonus . always read the policy and the booklets properly.

John H
04-05-2011, 08:35
Sorry to hear about your accident. We too are with Safeguard and have been for several years. My understanding has always been that our comprehensive cover includes third party cover when I am driving another vehicle (with the owner's permission!) and I have just checked my policy to find that this is indeed the case. You say that your van is a home conversion - could that make a difference? (I'm not sure how but it is the only bit of information you have given that makes your situation different from mine). Hope you can get it sorted out.

04-05-2011, 09:10
caravan guard are the same ,fully comp but they will not cover the driving of other viehcles . so beware not all companies that insure camper/motor homes provide the t.p.f.t. cover for other viehcles such as cars , just one more con by the insurance companies i suppose for motor home owners like the restriction by a lot of insurers that a camper/motor home cannot be used for commuting back and forwards to your normal place of work

04-05-2011, 10:47
My MH insurance allows me to drive Third party on other vehicles, but my commercial van does not.

A standard practice for vans I'm told

04-05-2011, 11:03
yea some companies do allow you to drive other cars on a t.p.f.t basis ,but the thing is dont take it as read that your particular company will allow it ,always ask . i was shocked when i found caravan guard dident cover me .that was after borrowing a friends car doing a 100 mile round trip in it i was lucky if i had been stopped i would have been in bother had the car impounded a court case and my friend in the crap aswell, or if i had have had an accident well you can guess untold trouble

donkey too
04-05-2011, 11:28
Just checked my new policy for this year and it now states that I cannot drive any other vehicle.
Rang the company and they said that this is their new policy and all companies will be bringing it in.
Bit miffed as I could have been done for driving my sons car yeaterday with no insurance. I no the onus is on me to read the small print but you would have thought that the insurance company had a duty to tell me that the policy had changed. No doubt they did at some point in very small writing.

04-05-2011, 16:34