View Full Version : Aire de Bois Chaudron, Indre et Loire (Dept 37)

John H
15-03-2011, 21:39
Just discovered this great private aire, south of Ste Maure de Touraine (between Tours and Chatellerault). If you just wish to park up for the night, use the toilets and the free wi-fi connection it costs 2 euros per van (regardless of how many people are in it). Electricity is 2 euros; water is 2 euros, showers are 2 euros, laundry is 4 euros and so on - which means you can make it as cheap or as expensive as you want and the owner couldn't be more friendly and helpful. Everything is on trust - he just seems to take your word for what you have or have not used, so if you use the site please be honest. Highly recommended.


Tony Lee
18-03-2011, 16:41
Thanks John. Be there in a few weeks so have added it to my list.

Not wishing to hijack your post - but more to add a great spot for the members to consider - am wondering if you can identify this town which is within a short drive of where you are now. Met up with a German Doctor who showed us quite a few of the sights in that general area and he also took us to the place in the photo where there is a large free camping spot just on the edge of town. Would like to go there this trip and actually stay there this time instead of just passing through but have forgotten where exactly it is


The actual camping spot is directly opposite on the other side of the lake. Small ski field on the top of the mountain to the right.

John H
18-03-2011, 17:01
Sorry, can't identify it - except to say that it looks as if it is probably either the Pyrenees or the Alps. Looks good though - hope somebody else can tell you where it might be but if you don't find out, there are lots of other equally good Alpine/Pyrennean valleys where you can park up for the night. By the way, its called conversation, not hi-jacking! Happy travels.

Tony Lee
18-03-2011, 17:48
Yes, Pyrenees not far from the private aire you told us about.

As you said - plenty more where those came from and once the lower roads have opened up yet the slopes are still covered in snow, it is a real pleasure driving around looking for them