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25-03-2011, 16:13

Im planning our next adventure which if it comes off will be probably at least 2 months in July / August and maybe some of September.
So far this is the intinary I have come with this afternoon.

Dover to Calais or Dunkirk.
Maybe have a look at Bruge
Mosel Valley from Koblenz to Trier
Titasee in the Black Forest (been there already)
Lake Luzern
Maybe Annecy again but maybe not
Then across to all of the northern Italian Lakes from Maggiore to Garda
Thats its so far.

If we have time we might do Venice and get a ferry to Greece but we will probably run out of time.

I know nothing about the Mosel Valley but I do know its been mentioned on here a few times. Which are the best bits to see? Is the route from Koblenz to Trier a good one to take?

We drove through most of Switzerland when we first got the van and didn't do it justice are there any must see places that I haven't mentioned?

I hear there there is a cable car journey at Chamonix, any one been on it?
Our preferences are mountains, rivers and lakes with views to die for. Not fussed about cities really.

Our camping preferences are wild camping and Aires in that order and if we have to use them small informal and basic campsites (especially ones that are not expensive)

We have the bike so prefer to stay away from the madding crowds.
What do you reckon, anyone want to add the itinary or suggest must see places or great stopovers?

Thanks in advance

25-03-2011, 18:25
chamonix valley, one of the mecca of mountaineering , world known accociation with Mont Blanc highest mountain in Europe visited by mountaineers all over the world Think the cable car ride you refered to is the Aigiille du Midi cable car from Chamonix village from just over 1000+metres to over 3800meters breath taking views (there are other cable car rides from nearby village eg. the Grant Montet in Arginterre If you like mountain and all the related activities, this is the place to be. Visited last Feb, seen lots of campingcars wild camping and quite a few campsites

25-03-2011, 18:47
There must be some mistake Barry.:(

I did not see Gateshead on your itinerary.:confused:

The gasworks by moonlight is the 8th wonder of the world. :rolleyes:

25-03-2011, 19:23
Thanks for the replies. How did I forget Gateshead? Right on my doorstep an all!

Will add it in! (NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

25-03-2011, 19:44
Hi. I have been on the Chamonix cable car a long time ago, wonderful views on the right day. Don't forget to change cars half way up. !!!

Koblenz to Trier, nothing special that I remember, but just in case you do not know,
if you open google maps. Type in Koblenz to Trier, & the route will appear.Turn on pics then you can view the snapshots on route & make up your own mind.


p.s. Avoid Gateshead & Doncaster at all costs.