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28-03-2011, 23:32
With thanks to Navigator who obtained this advice direct from Garmin:

There are two different ways to remove Custom Points of Interest (POIs) from a Garmin device. The best method will depend on the way that the Custom POIs were originally loaded onto the Garmin unit.

If the Custom POIs came from a *.gpi file, the Manual Delete option will be needed.

If the Custom POIs came from a *.gpx or *.csv file and used POI Loader to install them, the POI Loader delete method will be needed.

Since both methods can be used to load Custom POIs, both methods may need to be used to remove the Custom POIs especially if one method does not completely remove all of the Custom POIs from the Garmin unit.

Manual Delete Method:

Connect your Garmin unit to the computer
Open My Computer
Open the Garmin or SD Card drive
Double-Click on the Garmin folder
Double-Click the POI folder
Delete all *.gpi files
POI Loader Delete Method:

In order to remove Custom POIs from a Garmin Device, the latest version of the POI Loader must be installed.. Go to the POI Loader page to get the latest version. Once the latest version is installed do the following:

Connect your Garmin unit to the computer
Open the POI Loader program
Click Next on the first screen
On the next screen the program should auto-detect your unit, make sure the correct unit is selected, then click Next
On the following screen select Remove all previously installed custom POIs from your device, then click Next
The program will display: To re-install custom POIs you will need to run the POI Loader again. Are you sure you want to proceed?
Click Yes
A message will display: Congratulations you have successfully removed all custom POIs from your device
Click Finish

Once finished, all of the Custom POIs files from the Garmin device will be completely removed.