View Full Version : Trailers on Aires

29-03-2011, 18:28
Has anyone got any ideas as to what you do with trailers on Aires? I'm thinking in terms of a Smart car on a trailer and the motorhome is 7m long

29-03-2011, 18:46
As you know, I don't pull one but as an ex International truck driver I would have no worries at all on the vast majority of aire's.
Most you would be able to leave hitched up.
Just pick your parking spot a little more carefully.
Just go for it and I am sure after a couple of days you will be wondering why you were concerned.

John Thompson
29-03-2011, 18:49
We have a 7.21m Hymer and Bantam trailer for the Smart.

We toured Normandy and Brittany last May & June using mainly Aires with no problems.

We used out of town Aires mainly but did stay on one village Aire and two France Passion sites in our 7 week tour.

29-03-2011, 23:47
hi. my set up is10mtr long but never had a problem. just do it . some look for problems.

Tony Lee
30-03-2011, 07:47
What aires are you referring to - normal town aires or motorway aires.

Majority of town aires are marked out or have very limited space and are intended for a single vehicle up to say, 8 metres long at the most, and the only way you could fit in would be to park across 4 or 5 spaces. may not matter in the off-season, but it wouldn't be appreciated most times.