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21-04-2011, 17:30
Our daughter and her partner are taking our campervan to Ireland end of May. Ferry to Cork then Cork-Limerick-Galway-Connemara in about 4 days - wedding (not theirs!) - then Connemara-Wesport-Athlone-Kinnegad-Dublin in about 4 days then ferry from Dublin.

What is the availability of wildcamping generally in Ireland and specifically on this route? Also are pub stopovers common - I've told them they can always ask if they can stay overnight? I have advised then to look at the equivalent to OS maps for 'P' parking symbols and then to look on Google Earth, which works well in the UK.

all advice gratefully received - thanks - David

21-04-2011, 20:28
I have never been to the counties you mentioned but any time I have been down that way ( Kilkenny, Tipperary, Wexford, Wicklow) have never had a problem with parking up overnight. The only time that we asked to stay over on a pub carpark we were given permission too.

22-04-2011, 07:17
Try this site. Ierland: Camperplaatsen Ierland (GPS), Free places to stay for your motorhome, Ireland Camperplaces (http://www.reisverhaleneuropa.nl/camper/ierland/plaatsen.htm) The only snag is that it is in Dutch. I have translated many of the links as we are doing that trip this year. Email me and I will send you a copy. Also look up Safe nights Ireland. Also if you are an ACSI member there are a couple of sites in the Kerry area.(15 euro a night) We don't wild as we have a VW T4 with no heating and Eire can be cold and wet! Hope this helps. Good luck