View Full Version : Advice on where to stay overnight in France in two weeks time

21-04-2011, 18:31
We are travelling from Spain, through France, on the western coast to caan. We will be stopping on one nighters. Anyone got suggestions for the best places along our route please.

We are still in spain and set off in two weeks time, allowing about a week for the journey

Piglets Pilot
21-04-2011, 19:10
Hi , we spent two weeks that way in 2009 stopped aires in Sanquinnet, and Gastes Both v.good about 7 euros a night but worth it also while there worth going to see Dune du Pyla fabulous sand dune 110 mtrs high best early morn I believe that you can camp there not tried it .Just north of bordeaux is Mortagne sur gironde again same price but park on quay unbelievable the fish they bring ashore in there boats very large. then we moved up to Port de Barques free on sea wall or 10 euros in campsite v.good next St Vincent sur mer across the road to beach 5 euros. then St Johns de Monts 5 euros O.K. but Chateau Gontier is fantastic on river bank free!! Hope this helps. Terry (Piglets Pilot)

22-04-2011, 07:23
Thanks a lot for your valuable info will be very useful let you know how it goes Peter the camper

16-07-2012, 07:47
Yes Peter the camper Most Of France you can Park in Car parks for the night if you are lucky there will be some water and toilets, you might even find a machine to give you water get rid of your waste both grey and chemical waste it might cost 2 euro's. We call into the local tourist offices and ask and they will tell you the best stop. All the best Teljac