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14-06-2004, 13:21
Hi all, pardon my ignorance, is it just common sense as to where you park for the night, we have never camped wild but keen to try it, any advice would be most appreciated. thanks, Phill. <_<

14-06-2004, 22:01
Hi and welcome to the site&#33;

Wild camping is different things to different people.

To many it is a prefect spot in a scenic location, a place that is quiet and remote.

It could be a car park on a sea front that motorhomes are allowed to stop overnight.

Wild camping in a motorhome sense could be considered as being self sufficent, not requiring an electric hook up or a toilet block. Allowing you to stop anywhere anytime.

My people like sites in places of interest, car parks in town like stratford-upon-avon where they can overnight whilst visiting a town, without hacing to try and find a site.

To me.....

I have only ever stopped on a campsite once, this was the first night we ever stopped in our first motorhome. We did this just to test the waters&#33;

Since then we have always wild camped.

My wife prefers to park where there are other vehicles as she get worried in remote lay-bys.


I proberbly havent answered your question, so hopefully one of our other members will jump in and give their opinion&#33;

17-06-2004, 20:14
Hello there
We have a motorhome and would like to wild camp, my idea of wild camping is being parked on the beach front,having a BBQ,chilling,without the thought of someone moving us on. My daughter was standing over my shoulder when I wrote the first line of this reply and has walked out in disgust informing me should would not be coming&#33; ( typical teenager)
I would be interested to know if there are any books available on wild camping,or a list published anywhere.

18-06-2004, 17:59
My daughter was standing over my shoulder when I wrote the first line of this reply and has walked out in disgust informing me should would not be coming&#33; ( typical teenager)
My teeny hates built up areas and camp sites :D But she is a country girl and not a townie :D :D :D
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I do like a bit of feed back to my posts please
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19-06-2004, 10:45
Hi Steve
I just I had a look at your website, there is loads of good information on there and I recommend all our members to have a look.
Thanks for the return link&#33;


21-06-2004, 17:38

I am on my 2nd motorhome having had caravans for almost 30 years, had the 1st one for 3 years commencing 1993 - rotting aluminium panels over cab and girlfriends preference for caravans resulted in part exchange (motor home NOT the girlfriend). 5 years down the line had a lovely caravan but no girlfriend - so bought a 1987 Renault Trafic left hand drive 2.1 diesel with French Pilote coachbuilt body which I have almost finished its complete renovation.

OK - onto the question of where to sleep etc - remember, you are a motorist NOT a caravanner - this means that as long as you abide by the Highway Code you have the freedom to stop in many places that caravanners are banned from using for overnight stops (laybys etc).


Parking overnight outside a residential residence is best avoided although it might be legal - natural courtesy should prevail - I have done this but only after chatting to the householder first. My recommendation is to look for a service road at an industrial site (the one next to the RAF Museum at Hendon is very very convenient) - needs to be level with some street lighting. Some car parks permit overnight parking, but read the conditions - it might specify no overnight sleeping.

Avoid yellow lines and No Parking signs and try to be as inconspicuous to avoid some policeman knocking at your door in the early hours of the morning.

If you are alone or the only driver - you have to think about drinking alcohol - I raised this question with a police officer - suggested a scenario that I had stopped to cook a meal, opened a bottle of wine - drank more than the limit so bedded down for the night - was surprised to be told that it would be a question of whether it was plain that I did not intend to drive - if I was in my pyjamas, they would be laughed out of court. I am wary about testing this but pass it on in good faith (I will not pay your fine if it does not work).

Hope this helps a little.

Ted :rolleyes:

21-06-2004, 22:52
Thanks Ted for the reply.

Supermarket car parks are also very often a good place to park (with permission), They get extra security and it means you can do your shopping in the morning without moving&#33;


23-06-2004, 11:03
Thank you all for your advice, most helpful, another thing may i ask? has anyone used these voltage inverters, converting 12volt to 240, are they anygood? how fast do they drain your battery, thanks, Phil.

24-06-2004, 08:28

I am putting post in the knowledege base about inverters now.