View Full Version : on night in Tenby

28-04-2011, 12:58
Me and my husband stayed in Tenby on South beach car park, it is well sign posted once you are in Tenby town, the car park does say no over night parking, but we stayed in the start of the Easter holidays with no problem, it does say you can face a maximum fine up to 70 but if you pay it within 7 days its 50% off, so we did not stress about it, and there was another camper who stayed just for the one night aswell, I think you will be fine if you go out of the of season,
The car park is smack on south beach with toilet blocks but they are locked at midnight, we woke up to a hot dog van and a bouncy castle on the beach,
It was a bit nosy till about 11pm as there where some teenagers having a bbq on the beach, they where nice enough tho and when by 11pm, so we just wacked up the tunes!
we will be going back there again great for a night out in tenby, just go out of season to try and avoid any fines!