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Mad Manx
29-04-2011, 08:27
I am having problems getting extended European insurance for my fathers Renault Magnum Motor home.
It is on the outside a preserved Military Vehicle ex Royal Navy Command and Control Vehicle for Nuclear War Head road Convoys.

It has been refitted on the inside with all the usual bits ,two double bed sofas,full size kitchen with electric fridge and freezer,gas cooker/oven,washer dryer machine,full size shower room and toilet and a walk through cab. A very big diesel generator set,Hot and cold water is provide by the existing onboard water tanks and heating system it also has on board waste water tank.

Dad manly uses it to escape the winter by travel down through France with a long stopover a few weeks, then into Spain for the same, then into Portugal where he parks up for several months, 4 so far!

Then the same back! For the summer he leaves it at garage for service and storage In in Norfolk which has a secure compound at night and staff about during the day. The rear locks up with double mortise locks and central locking on the cab, windows are double glazed non opening and the roof hatches have security grills.

Dad always travels with his Doberman pincher who is great company and better than any security alarm.

Max design gross wt 20000 kgs

" " train wt 50000 kgs

Length 11.5 m width 2.4 m height 3.85 m

Engine 12000 litres

Present Speedo reading 42687 kms

Estimated approx annual 5000 kms

Max design gross wt 20000 kgs (2 axles x 10000 kgs)

length 5.3 m (+ drawbar) width 2.4 m height 3.3 m NB normal trailer load only approx 4000 kg! WHICH caries an ex army G Wagon


I have tried comfort insurance and they are unable to help despite saying in provisional internet quote any size of vehicle and any length of stay

Lorry Ball
29-04-2011, 08:52
Where can I buy one......:tongue:


more photos please...

29-04-2011, 09:05
hi, all motor insurance taken out in the eu .(inc uk)covers the use in eu in any eu country for the full term. yes many uk insurance compnies restrict the comprehensive cover but you are still covered third party. long term fully covered ins. as been getting more difficult as time goes by. keep trying all of them. norwich union private car club was a good one a few years ago. maybe he will just have to run on the third party cover.

Mad Manx
30-04-2011, 09:34

Mad Manx
03-05-2011, 20:08
Hi all here is a quick update on how things are going.
I contacted Comfort insurance but the size of the magnum is just too big for them!

I spoke to the military vehicle trust who has a retired insurance specialist who said this is a common problem for people who want longer trips but it is down to some EU directive on insurance selling.
I then had a bit of lateral thinking and called the Royal Geographical Society
Fieldwork & expeditions training and advice from Geography Outdoors (http://www.rgs.org/OurWork/Fieldwork+and+Expeditions/Fieldwork+Expeditions.htm)
Thinking that a firm supplying expedition insurances would be able to help.
Tthey were really helpful and put me in touch with Campbell urvine who said what I needed was annual green card insurance that the did do, but no longer do that kind of cover but Stewart Collins & co do .
So I called them
Stuart Collins and Co European Motor Insurance and Annual Green Cards (http://www.stuartcollins.com/services.php)
but because it is an ex MOD vehicle they cant help!

With the added knowledge that what I needed was a good old fashioned Green card policy and that they were still available I did some Googling and spoke to Andrew Copland insurance
Green Card Insurance, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle Insurance UK (http://www.andrewcopeland.co.uk/gcm.htm)

Who have taken my details and will get back to me

I then tried Aviva but they said it was too big for them

After a big cup of coffee I started going down the line of specialist brokers from Lloyds of London I spoke too
Giles - Haulage & HGV Insurance (http://www.gilesinsurance.co.uk/cms/view/60)

Who too the details and have got back to me with
I made the enquiry with the one insurer I thought may have done something for us. It was as I suspected a negative response.

From what you say, I really believe if you have an existing insurer, then you must preserve that relationship, because with what you advised me you're paying, I cannot see anyone providing adequate cover for you at a price you will want to pay.

Positive with saying I had a good policy all ready but still no solution

Lastly I spoke too Besso holdings
Insurance Services from Besso Limited (http://www.bessoholdings.co.uk/international/index.html)

Who seem very positive and will get back to me in a couple of days
Every one that I have spoken too have been very interested in the problem but on the whole, Seem to be unable to help,On only one point either the size of vehicle, the length of stay or that because it is an ex MOD vehicle!
I am back to work tomorrow so this will have to wait till next week now.
If there is any further progress I will do another post.

wivvys dad
03-05-2011, 20:44
Thats not a motorhome, that's a small town.

Very very nice though. Good luck with the search.

Who do the MOD use for their insurance, and why is it such a problem insuring ex-MOD vehicles?

03-05-2011, 20:50
Did you try Adrian Flux ? :

Van Insurance | Cheap Van and Commercial Vehicle Insurance UK | Adrian Flux (http://www.adrianflux.co.uk/vans/)

Judging by the size of it and specialist nature I'd expect you'd pay top dollar with any company, but if you can afford the diesel for it, then the insurance is probably small beer ;-)

04-05-2011, 06:14
The military don't use insurance, they're underwritten by the country.

Who do the people who collect military vehicles use? Have you spoken to any clubs? I've seen them on the ferry across to France so they must be able to get Euro cover.

Mad Manx
04-05-2011, 09:24
I spoke to the Military Vehicle Trust who has a retired insurance specialist who said this is a common problem for people who want longer trips but it is down to some EU directive on insurance selling.

Mad Manx
04-05-2011, 19:43
reply from adrian flux can only do up to 3 months
and andrew copeland its too big

Mad Manx
06-05-2011, 13:00
NFU turn down
I referred all details to our underwriters and they got back to me today and unfortunately we are unable to provide a quotation due to the size of risk.

06-05-2011, 15:50
hi. i take it his present insurers havent refused to renew his insurance. if not just use the third party element. many uk restrict the fully comp bit but cant stop you being abroad and using the third party cover (or minimum cover in the eu country you are in ).many have to do this its very common. uk insurers seem to be a ruling of their own . but eu law (no.72/166/cee)article 7(2).quite clearly states all policies must cover this.

Mad Manx
06-05-2011, 16:07
yes current insurance company are happy for him to be in EU up to 6 month but not any longer!
He only drive about 5000 km's a year.So he is a bit miffed at that and wants to move about a bit more and spend longer doing it.He is 74 next month and doesn't like to be rushed anymore, been their done that and designed the Tshirt

06-05-2011, 16:27
so the answer is drive on the minium cover . uk insurers still have to cover you for that. they dont like it and will try to deny that they have to cover more than their said amount .try ringing the insurance ombudsmen if you want a second opinion. the number is possibly on the policy
speak to a good broker .best of luck .its a b----- talking to uk companies they lie continually.