View Full Version : update 3 peaks, horton, Ribbleshead, kettlwell

16-05-2011, 09:03
Just an update on the situation on car parks as some info on here is out of date. Stayed early May 2011. Kettlewell and Horton have CP's run by the national park (not national trust, so NT members have to pay). The signs are not clear and say no overnight occupancy. The reality is different.

Had a long chat with the parking warden. They don't mind you sleeping in your van provided you pay for a parking ticket. No tents though.

The signs are not clear but overnight is 5 and last til 9am. After that you need to pay 4 for an all day ticket which covers til midnight. We parked overnight on a ticket and then got back from early walking at 10am. He says he never gives tickets if you've got a ticket even if you were confused by the confusing signs!

So happy for you to park there and camp there one night. Leave soon after 9am and you are fine. Later, get a day ticket. And yes he does patrol at 6.30 am.:rolleyes2:

Ribbleshead has plenty of uncontrolled parking with no restrictions.
hope this helps.