View Full Version : need help with ferry crossings and any aires in canary islands?

17-05-2011, 09:03
Hi can anyone give me advice, we want to go somewhere different this year (july/august). We have only been france and benidorm in the van, and would like to go to the canary islands. There is 2 adults, and with 4 children we need aires and cheap camp sites.
I was also wondering if there are any groups of familys that go together?
Please please am new to this:confused:

17-05-2011, 09:43
h ferry to canary isles is very expensive .i think only from cadiz . but i would recomend either ferry to france take the west coast and do francenorthern spain .or take ferry to santander and do northern spain galecia and northern portugal.the real spain away from brit colonies and meet real people. beautiful scenery .mountains ,rivers and the best coast line in mainland europe by far.
friends have gone to canaries in winter but i think the ferry is well over a grand then ,bet its alot more now.
of coarse you could try morocco. i go there most winters for 3 months .could be hot now ,very hot. but a good adventure.

17-05-2011, 10:46
Hi yes we drive all the way down the only ferry we get is dover to calais, and we try not to touch toll roads, I would love to go morocco, but hubby thinks its a bit worrying, only cos you hear storys, but that goes for anywhere. I have got a quote for going canarys 1500 return, bit much. Would we be stuck for a place to stay if we go, that would be bad!
I would love to hear ideas of where to go :juggle:
thanks d
Also we got 6 weeks out there, last year kids were getting board soon after getting to benidorm, I think its cos they had to walk to the sea front!
Does anyone know of any aires on the beach in spain or cheap camp sites?

17-05-2011, 15:56
I think you may struggle to get an aire or any parking on the beech at that time of year.

We used to go to L'Estartit on the Costa Brava regularly, in an apartment before we getting the 'van, and although there is parking on the beach local brits told us that motorhomes are generally asked move to a car park on the outskirts of the town.

I don't know if this is just overnight or not but I am sure its not the only town that does this.

Hoping to do Northen Spain later this year or maybe next year ourselves.


17-05-2011, 16:37
Plenty of places to park south even in the summer with out any problems so far, some near Alicante to Malgara There is one member on here that they say he is a tight sod never pays for camp sites spends all his money in Lidl they say think his name is Alan but dont tell him i told you:lol-053::lol-053::lol-053::lol-053::cheers:

17-05-2011, 17:28
hiya ken, thats me. i never pay. just buy wine and whiskey or brandy in lidl. never use toll roads never pay to camp or park. always try to buy the cheapest diesel. have big tanks just to bring it home and not pay uk prices. buy food here in uk as its cheaper than spain. anything else i,ve missed out on ,i,m sure ken will let you know.