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19-05-2011, 10:52
Hello all.

Im having difficulty remembering the name of a spot i've been to and would like the name of it to let a friend know. Its just outside Edzell. If you go up the main street in Edzell and turn left down the road towards Edzell castle. A few hundred yards past the castle, you take a left turn and follow the road for about half a mile and the spot is on the left hand side. Its not an official camping site, but there is parking and its sign posted. Sorry if my description is a bit vague, but any help would be appreciated.


19-05-2011, 11:07
Have you tried to find it on google earth / maps?

19-05-2011, 14:24
This looks like the spot Edzell, Brechin - Google Maps (http://tinyurl.com/6yhfjyb) :)


Lorry Ball
19-05-2011, 17:18
Looks like a nice quiet spot....

Lorry :drive:

paul h
19-05-2011, 18:22
wouldnt life be a dream if there was more places like that

19-05-2011, 21:16
Pirner's Brig is a bridge crossing the West Water. The path runs from a small car park and picnic site (just up the road from the cemetery) along the top of a deep gorge to the bridge. Built early this century to allow game hunters across the river. Named Pirner's Brig as the millionaire businessman J. P. Coates of Paisley, who had a hunting lodge nearby, had the bridge built. His fortune was made from the industry which made all types of wooden reels, bobbins, and threads. A reel or bobbin in Scotland is called a 'pirn', hence 'The Pirner's Brig'. Now a favourite picnicking spot

5 Photos of [pirners brig] , within 10km of grid reference NO5768 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland - photograph every grid square! (http://www.geograph.org.uk/search.php?i=21670579)

Pirner's Brig (http://caledonius.co.uk/brechin/Page55.html)



22-05-2011, 18:13
Yeah thats the exact spot, thanks. If you follow the path down to the bridge that has been mentioned in an above post, and cross it, iit takes you over to the other side of the river and down to a beautiful little flat area that you can set up a camp if you are into wild camping with a tent. Anyway thanks again......for some reason, couldn't get it on google maps :S Must have had a bit of brain fade. Check it out if you can.


Captain Haddock
30-05-2011, 08:30
Stopped overnight there on Saturday (28/05/11) - good spot and very peaceful night. The footbridge is currently closed as it is deemed unsafe.

31-05-2014, 16:57
A wee update on this spot as I passed by today. There are now no camping signs in the car park. Shame!