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23-03-2007, 12:23
You can download many of the Free French Aires and overnighting spots here

The whole site is incredibly usefull though


26-03-2007, 14:00
Even more on their CD...

26-03-2007, 20:03
i didnt see anything english on the site did i misunderstand the word sites here which i thought to mean uk sites

26-03-2007, 20:38
It took me a while to work it out using Babel fish - got there in the end though. it's a very useful site once you get the hang of it.

27-03-2007, 18:18
i didnt see anything english on the site did i misunderstand the word sites here which i thought to mean uk sites

Thats why I posted this on the 'European' section of the Forum and did state that it was French

01-04-2007, 13:33
It is a very good site, I did buy the DVD/CD to take away with me. What I like is that there are many with photos and you can also go to a map via multimap and print it off plus the directions. I do have some French aires in my tomtom downloaded from another site.

02-09-2010, 09:27
if you have the google toolbar you can automatically translate the page.

02-09-2010, 12:43
i Camping car - Aires de services, étapes, accueil et autres informations pour utilisateurs de camping cars (http://www.i-campingcar.fr)
Hi Crackpot,
I've also found this an easy site to download aires onto most sat navs. It's in French but as Wildman has already said it can be translated with google toolbar. It will send updated info on any changes and also new aires each month if you register. Hope you dont mind me posting it on your thread.
Regards Nolly.

30-04-2012, 13:29
I have just purchased and downloaded the complete file of french aires as a download from campingcar infos Commande Cle USB (http://www.campingcar-infos.com/USB.php)
you can use google translate to find your way through, excellent!
It downloads as a zip file and you can cross load it to a data stick flash drive to take with you and use on your laptop.
payment is via paypal
very good content, a little difficult to sort out but great value.

30-04-2012, 15:51
Indeed. These are the main source of the data for the downloads I use (and have on my site) - in TomTom, Google Earth, Autoroute etc.

I do recommend buying the download, then using Autoroute with the database I host - and then you can easily zoom in on Autoroute, find it, then look it up on Campingcar info. Download GPS POI files (http://www.doyourdream.co.uk/resources-downloads/download-gps-poi-files/)

Just how we do it :)