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the dodger
13-11-2004, 18:04
My wife and I have just bought a second hand swift Kon Tiki and plan to spend our holidays on the west coast of France next summer. Could you please give us some tips on where to go and what to expect when we wild camp for the first time in France

13-11-2004, 19:28
i had no trouble finding places in france. apart from the obvious, avoid town centres. This may help you plan it;
apart from that I found that if you use one of the service areas the police may come and have a look at you but drive on.
warning; inform your credit card co that you are going. if you use it in 3 countries on the same day they put an automatic block on and it's useless. they want 2 wks notice.
that's right, we didn't.
there are a few places mentioned on here. if you can't see them go to the bottom and where it says 30 days , click on from the begining and you'll see them

14-11-2004, 16:31
We do wild camp in France ,but there is no need to if you don't want to because France is geared up for Motorhomes or Camping Cars as they call them.There are Aire de Services every where .These are service areas for motorhomes where overnighting is usually allowed.Sometimes there will be a time limit but this is not often enforced.All have water and waste disposal points.Some have electricity availlable.There is not normally a charge for overnighting or for the use of services.We normally spend three weeks in France each year without paying for overnighting or services.Some of the more popular Aires have a small charge but this compares very favouably with the price of a camp site.There is a book with most of the Aires in it.This is availlable from the camping Club or from Newsagents in France.
the book is called;Le Guide Officiel Etapes Touristiques Camping Car.

14-11-2004, 21:42
useful stuff jann, any chance of putting these on the site for inclusion in the autoroute I'm doing for us?

20-11-2004, 18:07
I'll start putting a few of them on the site especilally the ones near the ports.

24-11-2004, 13:08
I don't know if I should recommend these two in particular as they're so good, but here goes:-

Cognac - opposite the Hennessey distillary there's an Aire that will take 4 vans. It has electric hook up, water and waste disposal close by. It's right next to the river and a freebie. We did the Hennessy tour, the last one at 6 o'clock and they let us in free (it's normally 6 euros). V. interesting includes a short river trip and a sample! Interesting that apart from us in our Hymer there were 3 other Hymers from UK.

Montaigne sur Gironde - this aire is right alongside the waterway leading to the sea, with cornfields behind you. It costs 5.50 for the night incl hookup. Great for cycle rides, watching buzzards (I think) circling around. Well recommended.

In a month's trip back in June we stayed on sonm esites which were great average of 10 euros, but also stayed a couple of nights on jetties, such as St Nazaire and the yacht marina carpark at Port Bourgeney.

We found that Municipal sites were usually very reasonable with just the right mix of facilities and uncommercialised

I'd be happy to send a list of our stays to roifromnwales for his autoroute POI.

28-11-2004, 13:38
I'm glad somebody else has some places in France!It really is an ideal country for motorhomes.