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25-05-2011, 01:48
As i understand it the New Forest is completely hostile (and heavily enforced) to all vehicles parked anywhere overnight..
Excluding this then as an option, is there anywhere else nearby on the border?

I have a Ford Escort Van converted in to a highly versatile mini stealth camper. This means i can park up discreetly in usually wild and inaccessible places often completely off the road. Basically a 2-man tent on wheels so campfire a must. Most posts on this site focus on carparks or pull-offs, but in my case this is largely unsuitable.

Ideally could someone suggest a picturesque and rural spot that's nice and out of the way - where a small van and a fire (nearby) would go unnoticed?


25-05-2011, 12:09
I wildcamp in a similar fashion - a basic Renault Kangoo panel van with a few internal adaptations.

Camping in the New Forest isn't easy, particularly in mid-summer when the rangers patrol even late at night. However, it is possible if you're very discreet.

I would forget the fire though - this could be pushing your luck and, if seen, would probably be frowned upon by the rangers.

25-05-2011, 17:50
Little rain for weeks - lots of bone dry forest - open fire?? Forget it

25-05-2011, 20:12
When i say a fire - I use a metal bucket with cut vents inside a larger metal bucket on legs. It is impossible to catch anything alight and doesn't even leave a scar.
Maybe i should have said that..
I use this for all my cooking too so carry a permanent supply of wood in the van. The only problem (which is why i specified) is the increased visibility of the camp. you can see a fire from miles off!

kangooroo, do you pull off the road (if so could you message a good spot) or just leave the forestry carparks early am? I actually really dislike camping in carparks.

25-05-2011, 20:29
Why do you think the new forest is hostile as you put it? Get yourself a cheap gas cooker and cook inside the van. No sparks flying from the fire or the Rangers. Much more stealth and a lot more fun if it does rain.