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28-05-2011, 11:58

I am sorry to ask so many questions re our trip to Ireland but I am one for getting everthing organised to the last letter and so me being me - I like to get all my facts straight when planning ahead. Boring I know but I can't help it - it's the way I'm made LOL!

I would really love to have internet connection during our trip as I know it makes travelling around and looking for info on where we are and where we are going etc so much easier. I own both an iPhone 4 and an iPad (lucky me) and apparantley, because neither are locked, I have been informed that I could in fact put an Irish PAYG Micro Sim in either or both devices and they should both work fine! Obviously, this would be a a lot cheaper than running up hefty data roaming charges but unfortunately, I cannot seem to find out where I can obtain such a Micro SIM card from or which company would be the best service provider for the iPad or iPhone in Ireland? I have looked at the Irish Vodafone website and they do actually provide a Micro SIM card ONLY for both the ipad and the iPhone 4 but you can only order them if you have a Republic of Ireland address! They do not charge you for this SIM card as from what I can make out, the actual SIM cards themselves are completely FREE but obviously they make their money when the customer tops up their SIM with credit.

Any suggestions please as to how I could obtain one of these Micro SIM cards or any other useful tips on how else I could connect cheaply to the Internet during our visit to Ireland?

Thanks in advance.


28-05-2011, 13:46
The three big players in the republic are Meteor, O2 Ireland and Vodafone Ireland

from there it seems, Meteor, have plans for ipad/iphone services: Ipad Broadband To Go Micro Sim - Meteor talk to us

and here is o2 Ireland's tariff's: O2 Mobile Broadband for your Apple iPad - get your 3G microsim

and Vodafone Ireland's tariff's: Vodafone data plans for iPad - Mobile Broadband - Vodafone Ireland

sorry links not working but you can follow the website links

26-06-2011, 12:22
Hi sorry just found this........... Southern Ireland Internet,
Unlike England and Northern Ireland, there are lots of Internet Cafes, pubs and Hotels for the price of a coffee, or when you have lunch you can surf for free. My daughter lives in Roscommon, in the town there are at least 3 nice ( inexpensive cafes) with free wi fi. found the same in Galway and in Clifden. even some of the smaller towns will have a place - all McDonalds in the south ( some even have a plug for you lap top). Northern Ireland is abismal. good luck