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29-05-2011, 19:59
Stayed here last night.
The large overflow car park displays signs offering all-day parking for 3. We were eating and drinking in the Riverside Bar (hikers bar connected to side of hotel) so asked about overnighting. They were happy for us to stay over for the 3 charge.
The food is very good and there is a wide choice of real ales. Borrowdale is a haven for all outdoor activities and the scenery is stunning. Well worth a trip!

29-05-2011, 21:14

Well Done Croftland1

Overflow Car park on the right of this picture - Rather Large!

Google Maps



29-05-2011, 21:43
Cheers Ian.

Google street view actually goes into the car park for a full close-up, although I think they were refurbishing hotel bathrooms at the time of it being photographed :lol-053:

29-05-2011, 22:12
Thanks for the info - I've added it to the database :)



12-06-2011, 21:02
Saw a Tribby parked in the Scafell's car park on Friday night as we were on our way to another nearby wild spot. Just wondered, was it a forum member?

13-11-2011, 19:44
We visited this great Wildcamp location again this weekend and it seems we are no longer welcome. On my many previous stays I have clearly been dealing with junior members of staff who have advised on every occasion that we are welcome to stay. This weekend I encountered the Hotel Manager of 17 years, who is adament that there will be no "camping" in his car park. He wasn't interested in listening to my attempted reasoning that we are not actually camping, but merely occupying totally self contained vehicles and all we need is a parking space.
I explained that I will just look for other more welcoming establishments and will not spend my money on food and drink in his bar. Unfortunately this was water off a duck's back and he stated that he was happy to lose my business.
Our group of 13 people in 7 vans that attended this weekend's meet will stay in Keswick for meals and drinks next time, (yesterday this was from 5pm until closing time,) and just drive down into Borrowdale for access to the fells.
Sad as it is, we respect his right to choose his customers. I'm just surprised that bar turnover comes so easily to him in this day and age.
Chris - if you read this, maybe you could remove this location from the POI database. Thanks.

13-11-2011, 20:55
Thanks for the update - I have removed this pub stopover.



14-11-2011, 09:56
I wonder if the manager would feel any different about the loss of custom if EVERYBODY on here who uses the Lake district for leisure vists e-mailed the hotel expressing their regret at not being able to stop there overnight. Of course we would point out that it was our intention to have a meal and a few drinks in his establishment first before parking up for the night.
Whilst he may not want our custom in the "high" season I'm sure he would see the benefit of 2 or 3 vans turning up out of season to partake of the food and drink supplied by the Bar/Restaurant.