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30-05-2011, 20:38
k66 asks about 'Loading Custom POI on Garmin Zumo'

Hi all I am new to this forum. Using the latest Garmn POI loader I have loaded Archie's camp sites into our Garmin Zumo 550 and they appear as a list. To access them I do the following - where to? 'extras', custom POI's where they appear as a list, closest first.
I now want to load the wildcamping POI's which I have ready on my desktop but I don't want to mix them up with the Archie campsites. Is there any way of placing both into separate folders within the extras?
Any advice welcome, I have spent a lot of time searching the Garmin FAQ but feel that that members of this site might be able to give me easier to follow instructions.

Nosha replies:

Yes very simple! On your computer have a master folder called something like Garmin POI's, then inside this put your Wild camp POI folder and the Archies Folder, and many more later such as Speed cameras etc.

Then when you use the Garmin POI uploader you'll select the master folder, go and have a cup of tea then when you come back you'll have a Custom folder and inside that you'll have the Archies folder, W/C folder, Speed camera folder etc!

Remember Garmin POI folder over writes ALL the POI's which is a bit frustrating so when I simply wanted to add my Tesco Fuel stops it added all 5,000+ POI's from my master folder!!!

There's a wealth of info' in the Garmin section of GPS Underground :: Your Tracks Guide (http://gpsunderground.com/forum/) Back up/copy the folders in your Garmin to your computer just in case... then have fun, update maps, speed camera alerts, new vehicle icons etc!

23-07-2017, 17:54
To prevent the overwriting you can use Garmin POI loader to write the gpi file to a folder on your computer, then drag and drop it into the POI file on the Garmin device.

Hope that helps

Deleted user 21925
23-07-2017, 18:01
There is something very ironic about this thread!

Bearing in mind it was started in 2011. :)