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13-11-2004, 21:17
Is it OK to use a 300Watt power Inverter to power my LapTop Computer? What other equipment can you use an inverter for, a Toaster for example?


14-11-2004, 21:34
I've got a feeling that a 300 w would just laff at u if u tried to use it for a toaster.
so it;s back to building a fire and getting out the toasting fork mel
as to whether it's ok for your laptop that depends on what your laptop needs. mine used more than that but it is a bit ancient. probably more efficient now

14-11-2004, 23:18

I have a small 300w that I use for my Laptop and a 2000watt (4000watt peak) that I use for other items.

It is best to avoid high wattage electrical appliances because even if you have an inverter that can run them, you will flatten your batteries in no time.


12-12-2007, 13:16
In dont use inverters so wouldnt know. My laptop runs on a unit from Maplin specific to the power required, looksn like the one I use at home and plugs into the 12 volt system. My TV and Sat does the same, although it is 12 volt still through a specific power unit. The genny comes out for the washing machine (still like clean nickers on a daily basis) and suppliments the Solar Panel.

12-12-2007, 18:50
As Don has said, you are NOT very efficient going from 12v up to 240v for the laptop supply, and back down to 16 or 18v. As per the many threads on this subject you would be far better of getting a universal 12v laptop supply. These are available from ebay or Maplin for around 20.

A 300w inverter will run a small TV and DVD or video or Freeview unit, but NOT a toaster, hair drier, microwave etc - you would need at least a 1000w unit which will draw a VERY high current!

12-12-2007, 19:22
i use a 700 watt one just for a tv freeveiw and for my mobile and camera, it wont run any high stuff like a toaster or kettle we use the hob and grill for tea and toast. our inverter lasts quite well on the battery i have