View Full Version : Anyone had any problems with SAGA?

08-06-2011, 12:47

we are just about to insure our first campervan and are thinking of going with SAGA. They are more expensive than other companies we've looked at but we'd rather go with a big brand we've heard of than a smaller one we haven't.

In my experience, it's one thing to get a cheaper premium quote but you only really know how good your insurance is when you come to make a claim.

Does anyone have any negative experience with SAGA or wrinkles they discovered in the policy they wouldn't mind sharing.

08-06-2011, 13:00
I was with Saga....and when i purchased a new Motorhome they quoted one figure when I originally asked, plus they insisted on a tracker being fitted. Ok, I had no problem with that...had it fitted and then they "Hiked" the price. Eventually I went else where at a far more competitive price (and didn`t need a tracker)and made a complaint to Saga. They eventually admitted that they had quoted the wrong price, but would not cover the cost of the tracker....It was like....tough !!

I will never insure with them again !!

08-06-2011, 13:05
we are with Sarga for both are Motorhome and car, we had to claim on the car policy when some one (female) backed into the car 3 yes 3 times trying to park in a parking bay.After geting in touch with Sarga and telling them what happened ( it was the backing into us that was a bit of a problem ) they was spot on hire car and all done within 10 days...So far so good.........John

08-06-2011, 13:06
Hi try Frank Pickles,usualy very good prices BAZ.

08-06-2011, 13:09
Hi I am with SAGA for car and M/H with out any issues and full European cover. adding drivers has never been an issue. No claim of any sought (yet touch wood).


08-06-2011, 15:34
We have just recently renewed the 2 cars with Saga (first renewal). Their renewal price was sky high from what was a competitive price (not cheap) when we switched to them. I argued te toss with them and got the new price reduced a bit. I doubt very much that I will be with them a third year. :mad1:

On another forum, there have been a number of complaints about them hiking the price of motorhome policies by a large amount. No doubt they will be good when you have a claim but other companies will also be good and charge a lower premium.

I have been with Caravan Guard for a lot of years now (without a claim). I could probably get a renewal slightly cheaper elsewhere if I shopped about. The main reason I have stuck with them is that they do not hike the prices every year in a stupid manner. My premiums have barely kept up with inflation. Breakdown recovery is automatically built in to the premium as well.

John H
08-06-2011, 15:56
Every time I have asked Saga for a quote they have come in very expensive, so I have given up asking them. We are with Safeguard (ten years ago the premium was 311; today on a more expensive motorhome it is 305!) which has always treated us very well and provides 365 days per year European cover with breakdown recovery. No intention of changing.

08-06-2011, 16:08
We were with Saga for several years, partly because they were quite competitive for us and partly because they had more extensive Green Card cover than some other companies.

Only had one problem with them, they agreed a specific extension to our cover over the phone then subsequently denied that the agreement had been made. I had kept a note of the conversation (name, date and time) and found out that they record such phone calls. Customer Services eventually admitted that they had agreed the extension....

We are currently with NFU Mutual for the car and motorhome on one policy, and deal with a local office about 6 miles away.


Piglets Pilot
08-06-2011, 16:18
Hi I have both car & m/h with them and have done for past 3 years when renewal comes in I always use price comparison sites then go back to saga and each time they have dropped by 25 or nearly to whatever is needed to keep me with them (haven't had to claim yet ) so cant help there. Terry

12-06-2011, 14:42
Thanks for all your advice wildcampers. We chose Saga in the end as more comfortable with brand etc. they have european cover in the price which is a useful addition for us and will save us having to buy later in the summer. We could have got 25% cheaper from some of the specialist insurers but they came with some differences (like not having 3rd party cover to drive any other car). Our regular insurer - Direct Line would have been in the mix price wise but would not take on the insurance without a tracker.

Guernsey Donkey
04-08-2011, 15:46
We are currently with NFU Mutual for the car and motorhome on one policy, and deal with a local office about 6 miles away.


Likewise we are with NFU with a local office just 9 miles away - and to top it with cream, you can talk face to facewith them - no call centres just plain one to one, what could be better. :)