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18-06-2011, 17:32
I posted this as a reply to a query some time back and thought it should go here too ( with an edit).

Hi All,
Anyone who wants to overnight near Manchester could try Trafford Park village, part of the industrial park. Just a few minutes from the M60. Easy free parking and very convenient for Man. U. footy ground, Old Trafford cricket, War museum north (free) and Salford Quays (Media City, Lowry theatre and gallery ).

Bus links to Manchester and trams to Manc. from Media city. There's a 24 hr. Asda and the Trafford Centre for shopaholics a couple of miles away near junction . On Man. U. match days parking restrictions apply (cost money!)
5327'50.42"N 218'32.59"W is just one street, there are many more nearby.

For free parking nearer the quays during the day (may be too many hgv passing at night) Warren Bruce Rd and Elevator Rd. are opposite the War Museum.

Mr Bigglesworth.

25-06-2011, 21:00
this is not a definite but when i went metal detecting in Trafford next to the Barton Aerodrome on the main road that takes you to Warrington there is a layby that looks
good enough for a stopover,just thought i'd mention it as an extra place,i didn't see any signs for 'no overnighting; etc;

25-06-2011, 21:36
you used to get a few wagons in the layby and there was a cafe there (dont know if its still there) but its only up the road from Irlam and Eccles so not the best of area's:scared::scared:

26-06-2011, 07:52
Not a good one to stop at.
On friday and saturday nights the booze crew walk back from Eccles to Irlam and give the lorries parked up in the layby a rough time.
Also, the area is about to undergo major contruction - new rugby stadium, hotels etc.
Then on top of that there is a young offenders institution hidden in the woods right behind the layby (the countries worst are locked up there, its where they held Venables during his time locked up).
And to top it off, the Greater Manchester Copper Chopper is based there and takes off at all hours of the night - very noisey.