View Full Version : looking for camping spots scotland

04-07-2011, 10:09
Hi all me and a few friends are headin off camping in few wks still not sure wer gd spots are tho? heading north of glasgow anywer would be great. Looking for somwhere has space for a few tents gd fishing and beach if possible and would be ok for a few nites?any ideas would be very much appreciated! x thanks

25-07-2011, 13:05
across the country a bit, but we have stayed with our motorhome in one of the picnic spots on the banks of Loch Earn near St Fillans. People were pitching tents on the beach for fishing.
Or another spot that is more open is around Strathyre area the lochs (I think its Loch Lubnaig) round and about have wide stretches of pebble beaches and we have seen people camping in tents and with campers there - its on one of the tourist routes but quiet. check it out on google earth
How far north do you want to go?

13-03-2012, 18:03
have been to these places many many times just like to say they get very busy at the weekends especialy holiday weekends because they are close to glasgow