View Full Version : HEKP Where to get hook up adaptor Santander

04-07-2011, 21:32
HI I wondeer if anyone can help me. My daughter has gone to Santander and is going to wild camp but will also use Campsites some nights, They have got the electric hook up but not the 3pin to 2 pin adapter they will need. She has text me to see if I can find somewhere in Santander (from Devon) a shop etc where she could get this. Can anyone please help. Not speaking or readi ng spanish makes it very difficult. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

04-07-2011, 21:47
if needs must she could visit a local electrical shop and get them to put a correct connector on the end of her cable . dare say a camp site would do it for her . most have maintenance people handy.
if she is touring the north atlantic coast is she going anywhere near san vicente de la barquera (cantabria)there is a vet there speaks brilliant english. and she is switched on to helping . ines is her name i,m sure she would help. lots free parking there i use just outside the town by the cemetry. big carpark very quiet there and the view is fantastic over the estuary, . cheers alan.
km 270 on the n 634. behind the galp petrol station lovelly park up.