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15-07-2011, 13:01
The main seafront carpark in Central Parade (by the Clock Tower) is free between 8pm and 8.30am - though the boy racers can sometimes be a nuisance! Plenty of pubs and cafes nearby, and a Morrisons supermarket open until 9 pm Monday to Saturday.

Heading east along the seafront, Beacon Hill goes up over the 'Downs' (seafront recreation area), and the top of the hill is a good place for a stop-over: quiet, grassland, fantastic views, safe at night.

Carrying on to Beltinge (a mile out of town), the road twists along towards Reculver (mentioned in another thread). If you keep to the Reculver Road, just the other side of Beltinge, on your left, is Bishopstone Lane. At the end of the lane is a parking-up area used by hikers and dog-walkers. It's very quiet, quite secluded, and there are picnic tables... and a great view over the Bay from the cliffs.

16-07-2011, 19:22
Thanks for that, was looking for somewhere in that area.

17-07-2011, 10:03
Hi Skar,

Also check out Lotty's thread on Tankerton. It's just a few miles south of Herne Bay (between HB and Whitstable), and Marine Crescent is a popular stop-over place. I went there last night. There were 6 other MHs already there, so a nice 'community' feel. Had a fine, quiet night's sleep, too!:goodluck:


30-09-2011, 15:17
Neptune's Car Park on Central Parade in Herne Bay is a frequent over-nighting place for wildcampers as there are no parking restrictions between 8 pm and 8 am.

However.... it's the main meeting place for the town's teens-to-thirties wannabee Lewis Hamiltons and Valentino Rossis! I live opposite the car park and am on the phone to the police most nights for them to send a patrol to sort the pests out. From 8 pm up until the early hours most nights (but especially at weekends), we have revving, racing, skidding, horn-blasting, shouting.... you get the picture.

The council are supposed to be doing something about it - 'supposed' being the operative word.

You'd be better off finding a side-street somewhere. There's a motorhome dealership near the park and there are always quite a few 'homes parked on the roads nearby, so you could easily blend into the background there. Don't be tempted to check out their prices, though. They ask a lot for what they have, and are probably 10-15% higher on their used stock than other dealerships around.