View Full Version : Wildcamp CR Sowerby Bridge, Nr Halifax Yorks

15-07-2011, 22:22
-1.88302 53.70527 Car park Rural at Hollas Lane, Sowerby Bridge, Nr Halifax, Yorkshire (Calderdale)
There is a notice on a fence acros the entrance which says the car park will cease to be from the 8th June 2011 and that it will be sealed off on the 9th.
The fence ha been flattened and there is still acces to the car park.
This is a local authority site which I suspect Calderdale have decided not to maintain on cost grounds. It is opposite the massive Lloyds Bank Data Centre (previouly Halifax Building Society) and next to one of their company car parks. As such, I suspect the council will find any barriers they erect are likely to be removed by employees who want to park there during the day so may never actually get closed off even though Calderdale may not wish to keep it in use.
They could put a stone or concrete barrier in place but I uspect the Waterways would object as I think they have vehicular access through this car park.

13-09-2011, 14:13
Went to check it out, just out of interest... Barrier manned by man in high-viz jacket and white hard hat... building something behind those high fences... more houses???? More voters for Skircoat ward?