View Full Version : Overnight location needed between Coventry and Birmingham off A45

21-07-2011, 14:49
We've been invited to a wedding reception at the Windmill Hotel,Allesley August Bank holiday Friday. Hotel want to charge us 85 per night for a room, which I refuse to pay when I have a perfectly comfortable bed in the MH for free. Hoping to hide in a corner of their carpark but thought we ought to have a back up plan if they cut up rusty about it. Anyone know of anywhere suitable in the area we can use?

25-07-2011, 22:06
There are lots of lay-bys on this stretch of the A45 where I always see a lot of lorries and sometimes motorhomes with satellite dishes etc.
But, between Ryton and Canley, there is a roundabout with a petrol station and 24 hour Marks and Spenser, this is the best location, there is parking round the back. 24 hour food and toilet in the service station.

Hope this helps

26-07-2011, 07:07
Thanks Nightshift - that sounds perfect

26-07-2011, 16:43
You worded it wrongly, you ring up saying you're on your way back off holiday in your motorhome and want to call in for the wedding reception, is there a quite corner of the carpark where you can park & sleep as you will be coming in the motorhome even if you find a local campsite.

Once they realise there will be a bloody great m/home in their carpark they may find you a spot round the back - it's worked for us twice! Including the Moat House Hotel in Harpenden... and you can't get much snootier than that!!!

26-07-2011, 17:04
We had the same thing a few weeks back for a wedding. We managed to get permission to stay in the car park but had to deny all knowledge that management knew about it :ninja: It was rather amusing his face when we asked though, he told us that they still had spare rooms if we wanted one hehe

Lorry Ball
26-07-2011, 17:32
I did the same last Friday & Saturday night in Hornchurch, Railway Hotel, Essex
parked around the back next to apple tree, (quite a posh area)
topped up with water and emptied loo
It was my brothers wedding reception and the hotel was fully booked with family, :dance:
the hotel must have made about 2000 from us in total.......

Lorry :drive: