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27-07-2011, 16:42
Hi all,

we've just changed from sharing and Autotrail with my father to buying a Eura Mobil of our own. He was insured through NFU and the renewal for him (67) with me and the wife (42 and 44) was 690. I gave him the details of our "new" van, and it went up to 820.

Here's the killer, I started looking on the tinternet, and came across Insurance Choice and gave them the following details;

Eura Mobil 560 LB, 60 reg, LHD, 2.3 Ducato base, 3500kg gvw, 40,000 value, fully comp, 0 NCB, Cat 1 alarm, parked on our drive. They came back with a price of 386
All the small print is good, underwritten by Aviva, contents cover, 250 excess.............

I couldn't give em my card details quick enough


al n sal
28-07-2011, 21:42
I've been with IC for a few years, they are great..

I had a total loss fire to my last van, they paid up in full within weeks, and insured my next van again weeks later with a premium increase of less than a tenner....:bow:

29-07-2011, 07:27
Just got insured through the CCC 227.00 against the previous best of 330.00 with Scenic. Other quotes were in the 400's

10 yr old van, LHD 8m long both of us 59yrs