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27-07-2011, 19:14

I'm trying to plan my first trip in my new (to me) camper and would really welcome some help and advice with my proposed itinerary please.

I'm planning to go to France from early September until end of October, so approx. 7 or 8 weeks in total. I live near Plymouth so was thinking of taking the ferry from there to Roscoff - and back again at the end.

My priority is to catch some sunshine before it disappears for the winter and so thought a jaunt along the south coast of France could be good for that. I also quite like the idea of doing some of the cols on my bike that are ridden in the Tour de France in both the Alps and the Pyrenees. I have also seen an appealing route following the Dordogne from sea to source. And finally, the west coast looks like it would be well worth a visit.

I have dreamt up a route that takes me from Roscoff along the north coast to Honfleur at an amble, a quick race across country to Bordeaux (seems a bit far but I didn't want to "do" the same bit of coast on the way down and the way back up - I really don't think I will have the time), mosey along the Dordogne, shoot across to the Alps for a bike ride or two and stroll down to Monaco, crawl along the south coast, do some rides on my way thro' the Pyrenees and saunter up the west coast back to Roscoff. If I do a very rough count the mileage comes in at around 3,000.

I'm wondering if you are laughing yet? Is this itinerary just way too optimistic in the 7/8 weeks timeframe? Will I just end up arriving in the south after the best of the weather and be caught in cool, wet October weather in the Pyrenees and west coast? Should I just belt straight down to the south coast for some sun and reserve a couple of weeks for a leisurely drive up parts of the west coast on my way back to the ferry and leave all the other stuff (north coast to Honfleur, Dourdogne, Alps, Pyrenees) for, hopefully, a future trip?

I look forward to your comments.

Many thanks in advance,

27-07-2011, 19:42
Hi Mate, not much help I know but I did 2 weeks on the north to the west coast last year and will be going again soon, but only for a week. I have to recommend Hon fluer, we wilded there and it was a stunning place. also mont st michel is a must to visit too! and reasonably cheap to park at! the later having no services though!

27-07-2011, 19:57
To Hobbsy,

Thanks for your reply - you might be more help than you think. Did you base yourself in just a few places for your two week trip or did you travel around a fair bit? What I'm trying to figure out is just how far would I expect to get in, say, two weeks without putting in massive daily mileage and if I were to be staying just one night in each place but taking my time to travel from one to the next, taking in whatever there is to see along the way.


27-07-2011, 20:05
well, sort of. I planned my route (to an extent) before i left, knowing that i had 2 nights in disneyland in the middle of the last week ( this turned into an extra night as we wilded in the car park...it was awsome!), and a 4 night stay at the end of the first week. (this turned into a 3 night stay when i realised how good the aries were!!!) I planned to drive for a maximum of 2 - 2.5 hours aday, went from dover to callais and then headed to hon fluer, from the we were going to brittany and stayed in mont st michel etc... i cant remember without looking exactly where we went but if you want to know i will look for you. anyway, that what i did, and i used the toll roads there and back and it must of cost a max of 40 but i was in a vw camper... to be honest they seem so motor home freindly i would park nearly anywhere, but there is a lot of aires over there... i planned my route with all the aires france book and google earth! enjoy!

27-07-2011, 20:20
Hi fluffyplum
having trundled around france a bit we now go with the idea of following the weather and letting it take us where it will within our choice of destinations ,if you have specific places to visit at set times then the weather is your enemy, and you are at its mercy .if on the other hand you can be flexible it will usualy give you a break somewhere in france ,the itinery you have planned is extensive but doable, it depends how long you want to stat in any one place ,sometimes we move every day sometimes we find somewhere nice or interesting and we stay ,thats the wonderfull thing about m/homeing ,if its your first visit it will probbably be a bit frustrating trying to fitt it all in ,but just remember it will be there another day .enjoy what you like and avoid what you dont if your thing is cycling then no doubt you know all the stages and can relive the TDF in your own way, if like us you like old towns and local festivals then that is what you seek out ,dont rush at it and enjoy your travels log on to the weather forcast and let it guide you ,their weather is just like ours ,it changes and is unpredictable (the south is better but not infalible ,two years ago we where stuck in 4inches of snow in Perpignan and the next day we were on the beech in our cozzies ) just chill enjoy and have a smashing time in a country that is full of surprises
MOS :)
ime getting all mushy now wish i was going with you :have fun:

and let us share your trip send piccies and write often

27-07-2011, 21:07
Hi Fluffyplum.
We're heading back to France in October for 3 weeks, this time we're taking the ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao (instead of the usual Dover/Calais). Itinery is to head accross Pyrennees to south coast then meander north for a return crossing Calais/Dover. Thats as much planning as I want to do, paticularly at that time of year when things are not too busy. Being able to drive when the mood takes me or park up if we stumble accross a nice spot is the attraction for us.
Enjoy the trip.