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02-08-2011, 11:04
Just come back from our first foray into Italy via France for five weeks with no problems
We’d heard and read some bad press about wildcamping in Italy so we stayed mainly in ACSI Campsites and Aree de Sosta’s (Italian Aire’s mainly on carparks min charge) but did find a couple of free ones if anyone’s interested.
We had a good time, although a bit cultured out (not another Botticelli) travelling as far south as Sorrento, and found lots of other friendly motorhomers.

02-08-2011, 11:53
HI Gadabout
i for one would be very interested in your views and experiences in italy we have tryed to get there a few times but stuff happens and we haven't managed it but NEXT year for sure (i HOPE)
if you have the time your experiences would be great

02-08-2011, 12:05
Exactly what Mos says. We would like to hear too because one of these years . . .

02-08-2011, 12:10
What about if we all go on mass then we can lean against eachother when the culture and the vino take effect :dance:

02-08-2011, 12:53
Hi, We have family in Italy ( just south of Milan) & have travelled to visit each year for many years.

Italy is no worse than any other Country regarding wild overnight camping, although I would be a tad more circumspect when visiting the far south.

The campsites when we use them are very good & very reasonably priced & one or two go the extra mile to make you welcome. Camping Village Il Poggetto just outside Florence used to give you a bottle

of wine from the family vinyard just as a way of saying than you.


John H
02-08-2011, 13:03
Italy is no worse than any other Country regarding wild overnight camping, although I would be a tad more circumspect when visiting the far south.


We have wilded all over the south - including Sicily - with no problem. It's easy - just change your name to Don and carry a horse's head round with you!

04-08-2011, 11:07
Hi to all who are interested - we will send our e-mail address in a private message to members

28-09-2011, 17:49
As it happens I'm planning Italy and Sicily next late Feb/early March, and was wondering about wildcamping down there.......

28-09-2011, 19:31
Hi Gadabout (love the name) I just looked to see if I could pm you to ask for the info on Italy but can't find out how. If you can find mine would you pm me your email address please. We've avoided Italy so far because of me worrying but would love to visit so any help would be good.
Thanks Teene

Tony Lee
28-09-2011, 21:48
If you took notice of all the nonsense floating around you would know that you wouldn't be able to get through Calais without getting highjacked by a bunch of desperates. If you did, they would get you with gas the first aire you stopped at, and if that didn't kill you or leave you in the poorhouse, they would wait until you visited the loo and steal your motorhome.

Glad to see that you survived the doom-sayers and had a good time.

Reminds me of the dire warnings to never go anywhere near the Riff Valley in Morocco because if the locals didn't kill you, the corrupt police would. In fact we wildcamped right in the middle, miles from the nearest large town, with the most fantastic view for three days - and the locals were great.

29-09-2011, 08:36
we are also planning a trip round Italy next year and would be grateful for any info. Not sure how to pm either.

Thanks Den