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03-08-2011, 20:01
Hello I have got a list on my computer of what looks like places to stop on the downloaded files from the POI files off this forum. Do I have to use this list with something else. It goes from 1 to 3174. Under the heading A it has various numbers which does not mean much to me at the moment, then under the heading B it has more numbers which mean as much as the last list to me. It then looks like the name of places to stay but some have letters like PH, CR, LR, OR, OU, CH. I am sorry if I seem a bit thick but any help will be much appreciated before I try to download stuff on to my Sat Nav.
Thanks in advance Tom ....

03-08-2011, 23:28

Firstly you need to read, thoroughly, the readme.pdf file that's included with the downlaod.

This will answer most of your questions.

Please also take a look here http://www.wildcamping.co.uk/forums/poi-file-help-support/12540-what-do-i-do-new-release.html which answers some of problems encountered by 'first time' users.

There is also a POI Files Help & Support Forum here POI file Help and Support (http://www.wildcamping.co.uk/forums/poi-file-help-support/)

Let us know how you get on ...



PS The numbers are longitude and latitude coordinates ...

04-08-2011, 09:02
Thanks for the help Chris, I have put the downloaded list in my documents but cant find the explanation file that came with it. I have looked in my download folder and it is not there so perhaps I will have to DL it again and put it in my Docs too. I have to leave it for now so will let you know how I went on later.
A very grateful Tom..

04-08-2011, 09:05
The readme is on the downloads page... i.e. read the downloads page

:) Phil

04-08-2011, 21:48
Yes dug it up now Phil and stuck the read me file in my docs with the full list. I go for a week in a holiday camp that we got cheap with Sun tokens but after that we will try a walk on the wild side. I will put them on a memory stick and take it with me for this trip. We leave this Saturday for Ashington Northumbria so when we get home I will try loading the POI files on my Garmin Sat Nav and also onto Google earth. Thanks for the help off yourself and Chris much appreciated Tom ..

04-08-2011, 22:21
I hope you have a great time, any problems please let us know.