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21-08-2011, 18:53
If you are looking for a spot to stop over when on the A9 this is a good location
drive in to the village and the car park is at the end of the village,
the sports feild, village primary school and bowling green in this location, along with the small retained fire station,
great location with open veiws over the fields, public toilets, bins, phone all on site, 100m from local pub and cafe
also local spar shop, spoke to locals in the pub and they all said no one will bother you, loads of space, good quite night, cars come and go from time to time, recycling bins also here too

21-08-2011, 22:21
Thanks for the info - I've added it to the POI database :)



28-07-2012, 14:22
When we overnighted there last year it was a weekend and rather quiet, or so we thought! Woke up the next morning, opened the blinds and stood staring at two Lamas, and no I hadn't been drinking or anything else the night before. Turns out we had arrived the day before the local farmers market and there was a wide variety of meat on the hoof, including the Lamas. Just not quite the thing you expect to see first thing in the morning but we did have a good laugh about it, though our dog Toby was just a pup and had no idea what to make of them so decided to hide under the bed.

28-07-2012, 18:19
We had a couple of nights there while up to view this competition Carve Carrbridge - Carve Carrbridge chainsaw carving competition (http://www.carvecarrbridge.com/) we used school playground, which organisors have permission to use for competitors caravans and MH's. Toilets, with showers are available too. It really is a great and creative event, well worth going to, we'll be there this year!